Colony 77: Unleashed is a brand new series created by Paperluigi ttyd. It was announced on December 27, 2013 at Winter Fanon Con 2013.


The year is 4277. The Precursor Disaster that started in 4241 finally ended three years prior to the date I am writing this. Project Exodus has continued to study the deadly affects that the radiation caused on our people across all 100 colonies throughout the galaxy. The rebellions, however, continue, and I fear that Dromas is close to overthrowing Caldacon. The people joining his rebellion do not understand his cause though: what he wants is more than freedom from the random chance of being selected for Exodus. He wants, in fact, more people selected for Exodus in hopes of making significant progress, but this will never work. The radiation is too strong and will only result in more devastating effects...

To whoever is reading this, Dromas is upon us. You must look for me. The current subjects of Project Exodus are our only hope. Show this to them, and hope that Dromas does not find you first.

-Jadero, head scientist of Project Exodus, sometime in the year 4277


Ever since about 2400, Earth has turned into a galactic power, conquering planets near and far, using its distance from all of its opponents as an advantage. By 3100, the 100 Colonies Pact has been formed, dividing the current conquests into 100 separate, individually governed colonies. The empire continues to conquer new lands, however. For approximately the last 1500 years, the empire has come to be known as the Terrestrial Galactic Empire, or the TGE.


The series is currently confirmed to have one season of 10 episodes in length. Only three episode titles have been confirmed.

  1. Legacy, Part 1
  2. Legacy, Part 2
  3. Legacy, Part 3


Colony 77: Unleashed takes place on Earth-77.

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