Colonel Rozum
Colonel Rozum (UH).png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations NASA
United States Air Force
Area 51
Occupations Military Colonel
Powers and Abilities
Equipment Pistol
Relatives Unnamed wife
Unnamed child
Unnamed sister
Voice Actor John DiMaggio
First Appearance Forever Conviction

Colonel Rozum is a character in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero. He is an US Air Force officer who serves to protect the United States of America.


Colonel Rozum wears a green Air Force Uniform with his respective rank. He also wears a green military hat. He occasionally has a pistol for self protection.


Rozum is a stern, hard driven man with the responsibly to keep the country safe from any threat. Although he does not like Ben Tennyson, he does trust him to get the job done.


Colonel Rozum first appears in the episode, Forever Conviction. Bringing the gang to a military installation, he informs them about the Forever Knights stealing vital US technology. He presses the concern that whatever the Forever Knights are planning, it could result in severe consequences.


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