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Adventurer: Gives him lots of energy, uses it when not doing anything, or when doing things like mountain climbing.

Archer: Gives him a bow and arrow, and extreme accuracy.

Blacksmith: Gives him an axe and anvil, and enhanced resistance to fire and high temperatures.

Brawler: Enhanced hand to hand combat.

Nurse: Gives healing abilities.

Ninja: Gives increased stealth, and the ability to dissapear and reappear in different places. It also provides him with some throwing stars and a pole.

Warrior:Gives him armour and a sword, plus increases courage.

Wizard: Gives him the ability to cast spells.


Cole's early life wasnt one of the best. He was abducted as a young child into a group of fairy smugglers, called the Harmurdas, who were back then using fairys for labor, because the werent treated equally.

they were thought to be working alone, until it was discovered that they were actually working with a far-off group of aliens on a distant planet. The group was stopped, but not before the Aliens shut off anything retracing them to the smuggling.

All of the captured fairys still on Earth were set free, including Cole, but no one ever found the ones the Aliens got to.