Cold Blood
Cold Blood.png
General Information
Species Malokian
Home World Horridus
Body Reptilian Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super strength and durability
First Appearance King's 10

Cold Blood is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Malokian from the planet Horridus.


Cold Blood is a reptilian humanoid. He has green scales, of varying shades, with several larger 'plate scales' on his forearms, shoulders, head, and abdomen, which are a darker green than the rest of his body. Compared to other humanoids, his arms are somewhat disproportionately large.

Powers & Abilities

He has extraordinary super strength, being able to lift several tonnes of weight with ease. This makes him an incredibly effective combatant, as he is stronger than the majority of species in the known universe. Due to the structure of his scales, he is incredibly durable, being able to withstand extreme physical and energy-based attacks.

Additionally, he has incredibly fast reflexes, being able to detect and respond to incoming threats near-instantaneously.

Unfortunately, like most reptiles, he is cold blooded, and so requires warmth in order for his body to function. The colder his environment is, the less strong he becomes. At 0°C he would be as strong as the average human.


  • His name is a play on word, in that he is literally cold-blooded due to his reptilian nature, as well as being somewhat 'cold-blooded' personality-wise.
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