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Cody Eedok is the main protagonist in Cody 10.


Pre-Cody 10[]

Cody was born to Duncan Eedok and Shelby Bello on February 1, 2000. He lived in Rooksdale, Pennsylvania (If that is a real town in Pennsylvania, I'm psychic).

When he was 2 his father disappeared in a fire in his labratory, along with his co-worker Zachary. Both are presumed dead.

When he was 5, he became interested in science and even built a living robot that lives in his closet turned off to this day named Kilroy.

When he was 7, he created a toy blaster that actually fires lasers.

When he was 10, he learned karate from his Uncle Jake and gymnastics from his sister.

Cody 10[]

In All Summer Long, Cody spent his whole summer digging for stuff in his backyard, when he finds the Eedoktrix in the last few hours of summer vacation.

In Green Guys In Spaceships, his Aunt Elly comes to visit his mother for a year.

In He Ain't No Hawkeye, his house is destroyed, his mom dies, and he is sent to live with his Uncle Jake.

In Battle In D.C. it reveals Cody is a scientist, and he speaks gorilla and Spanish.

In Hello, You're BANKRUPT!, Cody runs away with the others and it's revealed he can't drive. At all.

Powers and Abilities[]

Cody doesn't have many powers. He is, however, funny and an expert gymnast. He also has the "Eedoktrix", a watch that can turn him into aliens. He is also fluent in English, Spanish, and gorilla.

Eedoktrix Aliens[]

  1. Four-Arms
  2. Ripjaws
  3. Grey Matter
  4. Ghostfreak
  5. Upgrade
  6. Stinkfly
  7. XLR8
  8. Wildmutt
  9. Diamondhead
  10. Heatblast
  • Upchuck
  • Goop
  • Pesky Dust
  • Bullfrag


  • Amanda Eedok (sister)
  • Shelby Bello-Eedok (mother, deceased)
  • Duncan Eedok (father, deceased)
  • Crazy Helen Bello (maternal great aunt)
  • Jake Bello (maternal uncle)


  • Gloop
  • Invaderdroid (destroyed)
  • Invaderdroid's droids
  • The Gourmand (exploded)
  • The Archer


  • Ship put a spoiler in this article.
  • Cody has a knack for hitting trash cans.
  • Cody's scared of covered bridges.