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Cody 10 is a series by Ship that follows Cody Eedok, a kid with an Omnitrix.

This series has been rebooted and rebranded as Cody 14, so no new episodes will be published here. Well, probably not. There's still the slight chance I might actually do something with all of this. -Shipisback (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 20:43, April 19, 2015 (UTC)


Number Name Summary Major Events Overall Number
S1-001 All Summer Long A boy named Cody Eedok discovers the Omnitrix in his yard.
  • Cody discovers the Omnitrix, which he nicknames "Eedok Watch"
  • Cody transforms into Upgrade, Grey Matter, Four Arms, and XLR8 all for the first time
  • Nate, Kate, and Blaine's first appearances
S1-002 The Class Terror An alien kid joins Cody's school.
  • Cody unlocks Upchuck
  • Cody first uses Ghostfreak
S1-003 Green Guys In Spaceships Cody learns about some alien slime in Kentucky, and goes out to fight it.
  • Cody unlocks Goop
  • Cody first uses Stinkfly
  • The Polymorph's first appearance
S1-004 He Ain't No Hawkeye An archer attacks Cody and Amanda, but several things don't turn out so well.
  • The archer's first appearance
  • Upchuck is first used
S1-005 Battle In D.C. Cody fights some alien robots in DC.
  • Ripjaws is first user
  • Astraldark's first appearance
S1-006 Cooking Up A Storm A chef and his niece threaten to destroy the world with food and magic. Well maybe only the chef.
  • Zim's first appearance
  • Wildmutt's first appearance
  • Hung Gary's first appearance
  • Mage Kimberly's first appearance
  • Kimberly and Cody start dating
SE-001 Wolperdinger of a Day Cody gets kidnapped, and it's up to his friends to stop him.
  • Cody unlocks the monsters and a Wolperdinger
  • Wolperdingers are introduced
S1-007 Hello, You're BANKRUPT! ---
  • Diamondhead's first appearance
  • Kate is revealed to be Pesky Dust's species
  • Pesky Dust unlocked
  • Cody runs away from home
  • Cody steals bus
  • Kilroy awakens
  • Marco first appears
  • Bluyena's first appearance
S1-008 Ferals and Sentients Marco takes away the Omnitrix faceplate.
  • Cody's aliens go feral
  • Marco's aliens go sentient
  • Astraldark obtains Omnitrix faceplate
S1-009 Crazy Kitty --- ---
S1-0010 Archer's Return --- ---
S1-011 Way Big Problem ---


S1-012 Marco --- ---
S1-013 Trivial Pursuit Cody goes to Galvan Prime to get a new faceplate. ---
S1-014 Time to Upgrade --- ---
S1-015 Astraldark Versus Cody --- ---
S2-001 Archer's Story ----
  • Will reveal about the Archer's past
S2-002 Cody's Story ----
  • Archer reveals the truth about Cody's past
S2-003? Going Home ---
  • Marco will kidnap Cody
S2-004 Girls, They Wanna Have Fun --- ---
S2-005 Back in the Bad Ole Days ---
  • Will introduce a new villain and prehistoric aliens


  1. Upgrade
  2. Grey Matter
  3. Four Arms
  4. XLR8
  5. Stinkfly
  6. Ghostfreak
  7. Ripjaws
  8. Wildmutt
  9. Diamondhead
  10. Heatblast
  • Upchuck
  • Goop
  • Zim
  • Pesky Dust