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The Codon Stream

Codon Stream

General Information
User Prototype Omnitrix (formerly)

Ultimatrix (formerly) Omnitrix Azmuth Any Omnitrix/Protomatrix User

Type DNA Database

The Codon Stream is a DNA Database for sentient beings containing 1,000,910 DNA samples.The stream was created by Azmuth. He used it to link transformations to the Prototype Omnitrix, Omnitrix, and the Protomatrixx rather than store each sample in separate containers like the Unitrix.


The Codon Stream is a system of rivers of "green lava" that are spread throughout Primus. The stream originates in a volcano, which is actually the processing plant for the DNA of the stream. There are no non-sapient/sentient species DNA in the Codon Stream. Azmuth has revealed that there are samples from every sapient species of every world in the Milky Way Galaxy: over 1,000,000. According to Asmuth, some of these samples include Osmosian DNA, Pierce's alien half DNA and Human DNA.

Connection to the Omnitrix/Protomatrix

The river is actually the key to the primary feature of the Omnitrix (protomatrix), Omnitrix, and Protomatrix, in that all three are actually wireless receivers connected to the Codon Stream, allowing them to alter the DNA of their wearer.

When the Omnitrix in question is activated, it opens up a holographic display of all aliens unlocked. When the faceplate is pushed back into place, it emits a signal that is picked up by the volcano on Primus, then sent throughout the Codon Stream and back to the Omnitrix, with the selected alien's DNA attached. The selected DNA is then merged with the wearer's DNA, transforming the user into the selected alien.

Species DNA

See Codon Stream/Species DNA


  • Codon is a basic unit of genetic code.