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This article represents information that has not, in part or in full, been explained or alluded to within an Earth-1010 series.

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Codon Stream
Primus 1010.png
Creator Azmuth
User(s) Azmuth
All Omnitrix Users
Type DNA Storage
First Appearance N/A
Preceded by Eunice/Unitrix Prototype
Compatible with Prototype Omnitrix
Delta Omnitrix
T2 Omnitrix
Succeeded by T1 Omnitrix

The Codon Stream is a massive alien DNA database located on Primus in Earth-1010. It provides all of the DNA contained within the Omnitrix.

The T1 Omnitrix was designed to function without the Codon Stream, but the T2 unit returned to form.


The glowing green rivers of the artificial planet are the Codon Stream. It is tended to by The Sentient Ultimates, Eunice, Azmuth (occasionally), and the Voliticus Biopsis drones.


The Codon Stream was invented late into the production of the Prototype Omnitrix by Azmuth to solve multiple problems with attempting to store the DNA within the Omnitrix itself. The Stream allows DNA to be inserted, maintained, observed, removed, and repaired far easier than it would have been with an on-board computer, as well as allowing for a far larger database size.

Delta Dimension

In the Delta Dimension the Codon Stream acts as a back up database separate of the one within the Omnitrix.

Known Contained DNA

The Codon Stream contained, when Azmuth finished the original Omnitrix Prototype, 1,000,905 different genetic sequences of races from across the Milky Way Galaxy.

Before Ben had turned twelve, his actions had caused the Ectonurite and Conductoid DNA samples to be removed from the Codon Stream. These were both returned some five years later.

Ben later added in a Human/Nanochip hybrid only known as Nanomech. Through the Ultimatrix he scanned five species from the Andromeda Galaxy. He later scanned the extinct species of Vladats using the T1 Omnitrix, bringing the total up to 1,000,912 species.

By the start of Ben 10: Road Trip, a unique lifeform had grown within the Codon Stream and two more species had been added by Azmuth himself. By the end of Road Trip, the Omnitrix had also scanned three more races into the Codon Stream. The total is 1,000,918.

The Negativitrix contains four races not currently present in the Codon Stream, including these would make the total 1,000,922. There are also three races (one being a variant of Lepidopterrans, which counts, and one already present in the Negativitrix) unique to the Delta Dimension, so including these would make 1,000,924 alien races.

Regardless, the total currently sits at 1,000,915 species by the point of Time Trials, and will be at least 1,000,918 by the end of Road Trip.

Species Home Planet(s) Transformation Names Notes
Aerophibian Aeropela Jetray
Amperi Tessloss AmpFibian
Anodite Anodyne Charmblaster Scanned into Codon Stream in The Ultimate Planet
Anurian Anur Vladias Unknown Scanned into Codon Stream in Out Of Time
Appoplexian Appoplexia Rath
Aquaera Floaeria Sudstorm
Arachnichimp Aranhaschimmia Spidermonkey
Arburian Pelarota Arburia Cannonbolt
Atrocian Unknown The Worst
Biosovortian Unknown Lodestar
Cascan Cascareau Overflow Currently only present in Delta Dimension
Celestialsapien Forge of Creation Alien X
Cerebrocrustacean Encephalonus IV Brainstorm
Chimera Sui Generis Vilgaxia Killermari
Chronosapien The Crucible Clockwork
Citrakayah Chalybeas Fasttrack
Conductoid Teslavorr Nebula Feedback
Coral Titanoform Aquillis Barrier Reef
Rocky Blocker
Cranvius Sapience Cranvius Vertebrain
Crystalsapien Petropia Chromastone
Ectonurite Anur Phaetoes Ghostfreak Modified to prevent consciousness
Erodinian Non Precipi Sandbox
Faratin Dreadnought (Colony-Class) Unknown Powerhouse
Electro City
Florauna Flors Verdance Wildvine
Fulmini Fulmas Shock Rock
Currently only present in Delta Dimension
Gallilean Keplorr Gravattack
Orbit Man
Galvan Galvan Prime Grey Matter
Galvanic Mechamorph Galvan B Upgrade
Glasscrest Unknown Espionage
Gourmand Peptos XI
Peptos XII
Vomit Man
Hamsapien Bacos IV Boarswax
Hivemind Primus Hivemind Generated from within the Codon Stream itself
Human Earth Ben Tennyson
Gwen Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Ken Tennyson DNA stored separately within stream from Ben Tennyson DNA when both are present
Human-Nanochip Hybrid N/A Nanomech
Kerotops Droid Unknown Fanfare
Kineceleran Kinet XLR8
Lepidopterran Lepidopterran Stinkfly
Bug Bomber
Not present in Delta Dimension
Lepidopterran Lepidopterran Stinkfly Currently only present in Delta Dimension
Loboan Luna Lobos Blitzwolfer
Merlinisapien Unknown ChamAlien
Methanosian Methanos Swampfire
Mr. Mucky
Necrofriggian Kylmyys
Big Chill
Necroterran Anur Vladias Grimstone
Isolated from Codon Stream
Nosedeenian Nosedeen Quasar Buzzshock
Ophidian Serpentis Snakepit
Opticoid Sightra Eye Guy
Orishan Kiusana Water Hazard
Petrosapien (Subsapien) Petropia Diamondhead
Pisciss Volann Pisciss Ripjaws
Pixi A.I. Hologram N/A Software
Polar Manzardill X'Nelli Arctiguana
Polymorph Unknown
Prypiatosian-B Prypiatos NRG
Pyronite Pyros Heatblast
Charcoal Man
Segmentasapien Polyominus Bloxx
Sentient Chemicoal Chemicon X MindMatter
Sentientsapien Dischronia 4D2
Sonorosian Sonorosia Echo Echo
Splixson Hathor Ditto
Sphoeroid Scalpasc ImmoBile
Talpaedan Terraexcava Armodrillo
Teslamorpha Aquillis Eelectricity
Tetramand Khoros Four Arms
Thep Khufan Anur Khufos Snare-oh
To'kustar Cosmic Storms Way Big
Transylian Anur Transyl Frankenstrike
T'zun Army T'zeen Nebula Hightide
Tidal Wave
Vaxasaurian Terradino Humungousaur
Vesuviusapien Chione Geothermite
Unknown Unknown Astrodactyl
Unknown Unknown Atomix
Unknown Unknown Crabstacean
Unknown Unknown Gutrot
Unknown Unknown Kickin Hawk

Other Known DNA Samples

Species Home Planet(s) Transformation Names Notes
Hyperphysical Sapioid Object XX27-55 Intersect Not currently present in any known Codon Stream
Kerotops Communication Module Schwarzsi Anomaly Haywire Not currently present in any known Codon Stream
Millganite Anur Millgan Overbite Not currently present in any known Codon Stream

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