The Cg3 Omnitrix (Otherwise known as Code green) is used by Ben Tennyson in the series Split 10.


Aliens First Appearance
Heatblast Ben 10
Diamond Head Ben 10
XLR8 Ben 10
Grey matter Ben 10
Heatblast Ben 10
Four Arms Ben 10
Feedback Omniverse
Atomix Omniverse (Mention in Ben 10)
Ditto Ben 10
Way Big Ben 10
Butterfly Reflect Episode 2 The "Butterfly affect"


Like all others a button on the watch (Right button) turns the user into a different alien species.How ever the button on the left activates the Biotrix feature.(The ability to combine aliens)The normal select will appear with the ring around the middle of the normal select pillar.When both are twisted the screen on the normal select will depict 2 aliens.Once aliens are chosen the selecters will have to be pushed down for it to activate.

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