Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 4
Brandon 10 - Conqueror sends Brandon 10 to an alternate reality
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Coco 10 is the 17th episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


A forest is seen in the night with several fallen trees in the area. Through the darkness beneath a few of the fallen trees is a faint light. A floating shadow passes over the light, moving alongside the fallen trees. It is then seen that the shadow belongs to a droid, hovering along, carrying some materials underneath it within the grasp of its claws. As the droid continue hovering by, less of the trees appear to be fallen; showing a metallic surface hidden behind. One of the panels on the metallic surface are loose, showing exposed wiring and more of the internal structure. Inside the structure, more droids are seen, working on maintaining it. Some are modified with torches while others are simply moving panels back into place after repairing the wiring. A dark figure stands by the controls and looks out of the main window, which is blocked by a few fallen trees. The main droid makes its way over to the dark figure.

Droid: Sir, you should be resting. The healing procedure-

Figure: The healing procedure did what it has intended. It healed me.

Droid: But I advise that you rest afterwards, you may be healed but your body still needs to adjust.

Figure: I'll manage, Droid.

Droid: Yes, sir.

Figure: How goes the reconstruction?

Droid: It is just about ready for take-off but I wouldn't recommend long-distance travel.

Figure: I see. Logically, you believe this is unsound and I would agree with you. But I don't feel the need to think logically, Droid. It may not have been long but it feels well over-due that I return the favor to those miserable brats and take the power that desperately belongs to me.

Droid: If you plan on commencing an attack, I recommend sending the droids. They are expendable- you are not.

Figure: I understand, believe me, I do. But this is something that I need to do. I am no longer in need of rest, Droid.

The figure reaches his hand out and grabs his staff, which was leaning close by. He then turns around, showing himself to be the Conqueror, now fully healed from injuries.

The Conqueror: I am in need of conquering my enemies. Starting with Brandon 10 and his helpless lackey, Coco.

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In Brandon's Laboratory, Brandon and Coco are then seen walking in. Brandon seems overly excited while Coco, not so much.

Brandon: And then I was like- whoosh, and he was all like- pew pew, and then I came down on him with a- bang pow! y'know?

Coco: Yeah, I know, I was there.

Brandon: Yeah but I don't know, I guess it was just a whole different experience from my point of view.

Coco: You mean someone using the Omnitrix. 

Brandon: Well uh- I guess....

Brandon looks at Coco who looks a little frustrated.

Brandon: W-What's up?

Coco: You said you'd fix my Omnitrix. But it's already been about a week since then. I want to have powers already so I can go out there and fight those bad guys with you, man!

Brandon: And you will, in fact, I think it should be ready pretty soon.

Coco: You said that last time I asked. You know I'm starting to wonder what it would be like if it was me that found that rod instead of you.

Brandon: Well you don't exactly have a secret lab.

Coco: But that was just luck, dude. If I went to that store instead of you, I would have gotten all of those things and the Omnitrix. Then maybe you would be the one waiting around instead of me.

Brandon: Well, if it was me, I wouldn't have to wait for long. Computer?

Computer: Yes, Brandon?

Brandon: What's the progress on the Omnitrix Mark II?

Computer: I've been meaning to tell you, it's already completed.

Brandon turns to Coco with a smug smirk. Coco actually looks surprised and starts to loosen up.

Coco: Y-You're kidding. It's ready?

Computer: I don't "kid", Coco. I take my work very seriously. Besides, I do not believe I have the ability to do so within my programming.

Brandon: I'll see what I can do about that.

Computer: I don't know if I should appreciate the gesture or be worried about its consequences.

Brandon, to Coco: Come on, I'll let you check it out.

Coco, now ecstatic, follows Brandon further into the lab. They come across a bulky cylinder-shaped machine. Brandon goes over to a panel and types against it. He then pulls down a lever until it fully hits the bottom. The machine then starts to activate, with the cylinder at the center starting to rise up, smoke disperses from underneath as the cover continues rising. Coco looks past the smoke as it starts to clear up. He starts to see a shape appear within the smoke. Once the smoke dissipates from the area, the Omnitrix Mark II can be seen resting on a pedestal.

Coco: Wow... it's finally ready.

Brandon: Yeah, you waited a while for this one. But you deserve it.

Coco takes the Omnitrix from the pedestal and examines it.

Coco: Were all the effects really needed though?

Brandon: Effects? (looks at the machine) That took me a long while to make. It helps repair Omnitrixes, well- mostly yours since mines won't budge. It's not exactly a simple process.

Coco: I know it's just- big.

Brandon: Yeah... I guess it is. I'll be sure to take a look at it but not anytime soon, I hope.

Coco: Why not?

Brandon: Because your Omnitrix is ready to go. Now, all we have to do is test it out.

Brandon looks at Coco carefully, noticing the way he looks at his Omnitrix in his hands.

Brandon: Are you sure you want to do this? You don't have to be a hero.

Coco: Well I'd rather be a bad guy.

Brandon: What I meant is- you have the choice to live a normal life. I don't really have that chance anymore.

Coco: If it were you, would you take that chance?

Brandon: ...No. I don't think I would.

Coco: Yeah... I thought so. Normal life is great and all but when I'm out there, with you, fighting the bad guys, transforming into aliens, it makes me feel like I'm alive, y'know? Like I can do anything. I love that feeling and I don't know how I can live a normal life thinking that I had the chance to do something as awesome as this. I know I'll regret it more if I turned this (waves hand around the lab) away then if I stick with this (raises up Omnitrix slightly) to the very end.

Brandon: So you're ready then? To be a hero?

Coco puts on the Omnitrix as it wraps around his wrist. He then looks up at Brandon with a grin.

Coco: Oh, I'm ready.

Back at the Conqueror's Ship, the Conqueror is seen making some adjustments to his staff. His droid returns by his side.

Droid: Sir, the adjustments you asked for have been implemented into the system.

The Conqueror, finishing up: Good, then we are ready for launch?

Droid: Yes, but sir, I-

The Conqueror: I'm not interested in your recommendations, Droid! I only care for you to carry out my instructions when I ask them of you.

Droid: Yes, sir. But you do realize the ship won't be able to flight in the way you intended it.

The Conqueror: I do which is why I asked for those adjustments.

The Conqueror gets up from his table and moves to the controls. He then flips some switches and pulls some levers. With the final press of a red button, the ship becomes alive once again. From the outside, the fallen trees start to press off against the ship, falling over onto the ground as the ship, hidden underneath them, starts to arise from the ground.

Droid: We are gaining altitude, sir.

The Conqueror, looking out the main window: Yes... I can see. You still have your concerns about the take-off, don't you?

Droid: Yes.

The Conqueror: Rely less on your programming and more on your faith in me, Droid, when it comes to moments such as this. We may not be able to soar across the skies and conquer the world but, with the correct adjustments, we can be still hover over the land and conquer its cities.

The Conqueror's ship then rises above, its engines thrusting it over the ground, burning the trees underneath it. The ship then starts to take off and a low altitude.

Droid, checking readings: Thrusters maintained at an equalized projection rate. We have successfully created a stabilized hovering motion.

The Conqueror: Increase the altitude slightly and take us to the nearest city. It's high time to world were to be reintroduced to the Conqueror.

Droid: Yes, sir.

The Conqueror turns away from the droid and back towards the main window, seeing the forest pass by as the ship increases in speed and altitude. Back in the lab, Brandon sits in his chair and looks at Coco.

Brandon: Alright, ready?

Coco: I already said I was ready, dude.

Brandon: Alright, training starts now.

Coco reaches for the Omnitrix.

Brandon: Wait, wait, wait!

Coco: Wh-What is it? Is it faulty or something?

Brandon: No, I just forgot something important.

Brandon turns slightly to Computer, behind him.

Brandon: Computer, record training session.

Computer: Recording...

Coco: Wait, you're recording this?

Brandon: ...Yeah, why not?

Coco: What if I fail or something?

Brandon: Well, then you can watch it over and learn from your mistakes.

Coco: And you won't watch it over and laugh at my mistakes while I'm away?

Brandon: Pft! No... (looks down)

Coco: Alright... I guess.

Brandon: Relax, you'll be great. (smiles reassuringly)

Coco nods then reaches for his Omnitrix. He activates it and turns the central column, checking through the available transformations.

Coco: Whoa, there's some new guys in here.

Brandon: Yeah, I accessed some of the DNA and made another transfer. Why don't you try it out?

Coco: Well, this one's as good as any other one.

Coco slaps down the face plate and transforms into Cannonbolt. He then looks at his wide hands.

Cannonbolt: Whoa! Not exactly what I expected but uh- what exactly does this guy do?

Brandon: He rolls up into a ball.

Cannonbolt: What? Lame...

Brandon: No, it's cool. He can like break through stuff and ricochet off of things.

Cannonbolt: Well, how do I do that?

Brandon: It's just like what they say in gym practice whenever we played basketball. Be the ball.

Cannonbolt: That was the stupidest piece of advice I've ever gotten.

Brandon: Come on, dude, just be the ball.

Cannonbolt: Gah! Fine.

Cannonbolt takes a deep breath and covers his head with his arms. He then presses down and struggles. He then starts to loose his balance and falls over. Brandon snickers.

Cannonbolt: I know you're laughing, dude. I can see you.

Brandon: You can't even see your toes, man.

Cannonbolt: Well, I can hear you!

He lets a sigh and just lays on the floor.

Cannonbolt: How long until I time out again?

Brandon: Come on, man, it's not that bad. You can still bounce back from this.

Cannonbolt: I don't even know how bounce off of anything.

Brandon: Well, you can start by getting up.

Cannonbolt: Yeah, I guess, you're right. I'll just- (huffs)

He tries getting up but finds it incredibly difficult. He then lays back down again.

Cannonbolt: So this is what it feels like to be fat.

Brandon: Don't put so much on the alien, just imagine doing it first. Let it happen naturally. Remember there's you and then there's the alien form. Don't think about it doing something, think about you doing something.

Cannonbolt: Okay, I'll... I'll try.

He then closes his eyes and lets out another deep breath.

Cannonbolt: I imagine myself getting up.

Cannonbolt then reaches ahead of himself and starts to form into his sphere form right before Brandon. He then gets up from his chair, actually surprised. He then walks over to the sphere.

Cannonbolt: Well? Did it work? Did I summon the ball?

Brandon: Dude, you are the ball.

He knocks on his shell.

Cannonbolt: Hey, knock it off.

Brandon laughs as Coco starts to roll around the lab.

Cannonbolt: Wow, this is nice. I could get used to this!

Cannonbolt then starts to roll around faster.

Brandon: Yeah, yeah, that's the spirit.

Cannonbolt then starts to bounce around, breaking some things and knocking over desks.

Cannonbolt: Whoa! Whoa! Uh- Brandon, HELP! Ugh... I think I'm gonna be sick.

Computer: Perhaps, it would have been better to perform this "training session" in a more isolated location.

Brandon: I'm starting to think the same thing, Computer. Remind me to set up some sort of training room later.

Computer: I'll be sure to do that. Also, there's something occurring that you may be interested in knowing.

Brandon: Well, what is it?

Computer: There's been a sighting near the city in a report that I had intercepted. They claim a ship of some kind is hovering towards them, and it appears to be hostile.

Brandon: Okay, I'm on it.

Cannonbolt: Wait- what about-

The Omnitrix flashes red and Coco falls down to the laboratory floor. He then gets up and looks over at Brandon.

Coco: What about me?

Brandon: You need to practice and clean up the lab a bit, if you don't mind.

Coco: Yeah, that was totally my fault but I'm ready for the big time fights, man. That's why you repaired the Omnitrix. So we can go out there and fight the bad guys, together.

Brandon: I know but- look, it just doesn't feel like a good time right now. At least, let me go in first then you can be the rebound in case things go south.

Coco: So, don't wait too long then.

Brandon: Oh that was so funny, I forgot to laugh. It's just a little hovering ship, I'll be done with them before lunch time.

Brandon then heads out of the laboratory. Coco shakes off some glass from his sleeve and walks over to Computer.

Coco: So Computer, about that footage.

Computer: If you suggest me deleting it or altering it to a point where it seems you are successful, you should know I am under strict commands as to not allow that to happen.

Coco: ...Perfect.

Coco then sits down in the chair and sighs.

Computer: You appear to be disturbed and I do not believe that it is because of the footage.

Coco: No, it's not. I'm just tired of him trying to treat me like the sidekick while he goes off to play hero. It's bad enough that the Omnitrix stopped working but, now that it is working again, he's acting like it's my first time using it again.

Computer: According to my data on his several experiences on being a hero, Brandon has encountered quite a few dangerous and formidable foes and has came close to being in serious harm and danger. I believe he is aware of this and is trying to make sure that you don't encounter those same experiences on your own progression on being your own hero. After all, you two are friends, right?

Coco: Right... Maybe, you have a point. But if he's worried about me, then he shouldn't. I can take care of myself. And if I stay here and don't show him that I'm capable of being my own hero, then he'll just shut me away all the time. No... this is my chance to show him that I can be a hero. Stay here, Computer, I'll be back.

Coco rushes out of the door, exiting the laboratory.

Computer: ...I am unable to move so I don't exactly have many options.

A city is then seen in the distance with the Conqueror's ship hovering towards it over some fields. The Conqueror steps out, onto the deck and breaths in the air.

The Conqueror: Smells like an easy conquering.

Droid: Your confidence is staggering yet after your recent defeat, I would imagine that it would be quite low in comparison.

The Conqueror: My defeat was an oversight, nothing more. I will become all-powerful and I refuse to let two incompetent children get in the way of that.

Droid: Alert! Something is approaching our ship at increasing speeds.

The Conqueror turns suddenly and looks out into the distance.

The Conqueror: Speaking of whom...

In the distance, Freezefire can be seen approaching the seem of a wave of flames. Freezefire then lands onto the ship's deck and looks ahead of him.

Freezefire: Alright, whoever you are, prepare to get-

He then stops upon seeing who is before him.

Freezefire: No way... You?

The Conqueror: Glad to see you haven't forgotten me, Brandon 10.

Freezefire: I thought I took you down, Conqueror.

The Conqueror: You thought wrong. You merely delayed my plans, that is all. But while I won't be able to conquer everyone, I will be able to conquer your fair city then the next one then the one after that and so on and so on.

Freezefire: As if I'm going to just stand here and let you do that.

The Conqueror: You really want a re-match? If it weren't for your little friend, I would have easily taken that power from you and killed you when I had the chance.

Freezefire: Well, you're not exactly as all-powerful as you thought you were last time. The ship is barely functioning and something tells me all your droids are working on fixing that rather than fixing me.

The Conqueror: You're smarter than you look.

Freezefire: You're definitely uglier than you act.

The Conqueror: You know, I could just stand around here, taking your insults until you eventually return back to your Human form but I'm getting rather annoyed by your presence. It's time I ended you once and for all.

Freezefire: Heh, I'd like to see you try.

The Conqueror fires a beam from his staff at Freezefire who evades it. He then slings at fireball at the Conqueror who blocks it, and practically extinguishes it, with his staff. The Conqueror fires another blast from his staff at him. Freezefire responds by throwing up and ice barrier, between him and the blast.

The Conqueror: You can't keep this up forever. I will have my revenge!

Freezefire: Why don't you make this easy for the both of us and surrender now?

The Conqueror: And that's where you fail, hero. Thinking I'm just some standard criminal to be arrested. You forget- I may not have your own power, (adjusting staff settings) but I do have power of my own to make you YIELD!

The Conqueror extends his arm out, firing a powerful red blast from his staff at the ice shield, causing it to shatter. Freezefire is then thrown back and stumbles across the platform. He then gets up and sees the Conqueror approaching. He then extends his hand out and fires another fireball, which the Conqueror easily knocks away with his staff.

The Conqueror: Using the same old tricks, are we?

Freezefire: If you didn't like that one then how about this?

Freezefire then slams his hand against the platform, causing an ice wave to expand towards the Conqueror. He then steps on the ice and nearly slips, dropping down to his knees instead. Freezefire then gets up and extends his arms out, firing more ice blasts at the Conqueror; keeping him in a suspended state.

Freezefire: You might think you're such a bad guy, but you're still just a guy with a stick in the end. Guess they should call you Popsicle Man from here on out.

Freezefire then sniffs the air and stops his freezing in order to cover his face.

Freezefire: Ugh! Is that you or- (realizes)

He then turns around and sees Stinkfly approaching.

Freezefire: Wha- I thought I said to stay behind while I take care of this!

Stinkfly: And miss out on this action? Ha! No way, man.

Freezefire looks a little upset but then gets hit by a blast from the Conqueror's staff. Freezefire weakly gets up and looks ahead, seeing the Conqueror looking angrily at Freezefire. He then slams his staff down, causing the ice to shatter around him. He then brushes the ice off of his trench coat and approaches them. Stinkfly fires at the Conqueror but he just shoots the slime out of the sky, turning it into dusts.

The Conqueror: I think I've had enough of your childish games.

The Conqueror fires another blast at Freezefire, nearly knocking him off of the edge of the ship. Stinkfly turns and looks surprised. Freezefire manages to climb back up but the Omnitrix symbol start to flash red.

Freezefire, looking down at the Omnitrix: No, no, no!

Within a red flash, he transforms back into Brandon.

The Conqueror: At last, you change back. I was beginning to get irritable waiting around. It would seem that, in the end, you are nothing but a boy with a watch. And believe me, it is the end for you. Now I won't just kill you. No- I want to absolutely destroy you, child. You may have gotten in my way once but I refuse to let you even have the slightest chance to try it again.

The Conqueror adjusts the settings on his staff. While he does this, Brandon runs for it.

Stinkfly: Quick this way! I've got you.

Brandon looks at some cover but then turns to Stinkfly. He nods and runs across the deck towards Stinkfly. The Conqueror then finishes with his adjustments and aims the staff at his moving target.

The Conqueror: Goodbye forever.... Brandon 10.

The Conqueror fires with an orange blast emitting from his staff. Brandon jumps towards Stinkfly but is hit by the blast. He then begins to fade into an orange vortex.

Stinkfly: Brandon? No... BRANDON!

Elsewhere, the clouds are seen above; darker and more grey with thunder rumbling through them. The city can be seen in the distance with a hill in the foreground, leading to a forest of some kind. Within the forest, itself, the trees stand still, only rustling slightly against the wind. Just then, more thunder is heard from above, echoing ever so slightly through the silent forest. The thunder seems to grow increasingly until flashes of orange lightning resonate through the clouds above. The clouds seem to swerve into a vortex of some kind with static flashes generating within it until the static accumulates into a bolt of orange lightning, striking down within the forest. In the forest, a newly created crater is seen with smoke rising out from it. Through the smoke, a figure can be seen shifting through the crater slowly. It then starts to climb up against the edge of the crater. A hand then appears on the edge of the crater as the figure pushes themselves up from the inside of the crater. The figure actually being Brandon. He falls onto the patches of grass and dirt before him and breaths heavily. He looks up and then looks around the area.

Brandon: Wh-What happened? Where-? This looks like that forest... the same forest where I found-

He stops himself and looks down at the Omnitrix on his wrist. He lets out a sigh before getting up from the ground. As he brushes the dirt off of him, the thunder echoes through the sky but in a diminishing manner, as if it were passing. Brandon looks up at the clouds and squints his eyes. He then looks around again, as if noticing something. The trees, the grass, the air, everything around him now has a darker and more grey-colored tone to it.

Brandon: Something feels off about this place. Like it's the same but different somehow. He looks down at his hands once more. Brandon, himself, doesn't appear to be affected by this tone shift.

Brandon: Everything seems- I don't know- but grayer? Expect me. I don't seem to be affected by whatever it happening around me. I just hope Coco is alri- Coco... The Conqueror! I remember now! I have to get back to the lab and see what happened!

Brandon then rushes off as if to leave the forest. He sprints in the direction of the city. Later, Brandon finds himself in the streets, dashing ahead. He then stops as a few citizens run past him, in the direction where he was coming from. They're scared, even panicked. Brandon looks back to see them run then looks ahead of him with surprise. Conqueror Droids are wrecking havoc on the city; firing lasers at cars and buildings, attacking citizens and flying over the skies.

Brandon: He did it- He actually invaded the city...

Brandon looks defeated but then clenches his fist. He then looks up at the droids hovering around.

Brandon: No... It's not over yet. I'll fight them off even if it's the last thing I do! Brandon looks ready to fight but a droids flies down from behind Brandon. From its perspective, it can be seen targeting and aiming for Brandon. However, before it gets the chance to fire, static covers the screen as the sound of metal crunching is heard. The droid is then seen dropping onto the street, damaged. Brandon then turns around and sees the crushed droid. Brandon: Wha- Who could've done that?

Voice: It was me!

Brandon looks ahead in surprise as he is faced with a big mole-like creature with an armored shell and a drill nose. He has small eyes and claws. He also has an Omnitrix symbol on his shoulder.

Brandon: Who- Coco?

The alien, now noticing who he was talking to, looks a little surprised. He then turns his head and sees more droids coming in. He quickly turns back to Brandon.

Alien: Get out of here! I'll deal with them.

Brandon: What are you talking about? I can fight with you.

Alien: Did you hit your head or something? Go!

The mole alien turns back to the droids and penetrates the ground with his nose drill, breaking up pieces of the street. He then grabs them with his claws and chucks them at the droids, causing them to blow up in mid-air. A group of three droids fly down from the other direction and fire their lasers at the mole alien, only for them to deflect off his armored shell. The mole alien then burrows himself through the street and vanishes into a tunnel. The droids then hover over the hole and scan the area. Brandon finally ducks behind a tipped over car as the droids conduct their scan. Brandon peeks behind the car, holding onto the bumper but then ground then starts to shake. The mole alien then burst out from behind the car and leaps over it, towards the droids. He then slashes them up with his claws. They drop down to the street and spark up, clearly damaged. As he touches down, the alien rolls over back onto his feet and clamps down onto the ground. Two more droids fly over to the alien. The alien then runs towards the droids and pushes off from the ground, jumping towards them. He then lands on one droid and drills into it with his nose. As the droid crashes down, he leaps onto the other and stabs his claws into the side of the droid, ripping out its wiring. The droid then crashes down onto the roof of a nearby store but the alien jumps off before then, landing before Brandon. An explosion then occurs behind the alien as it looks up and over at Brandon. Brandon looks amazed at what just occurred.

Brandon: Whoa... Dude, I didn't even know you could fight like that. And what's with the new alien?

Alien: Are you alright? I think those droids roughed you up a little too hard.

Brandon: Of course, I'm fine. Why do you keep asking?

Alien: Because Gold Digger is one of my first aliens. You should know- you were there when I showed you the Omnitrix.

Brandon: Wait- when you showed me the Omnitrix?

The Omnitrix then starts to flash red and beep. Within a bright red flash, the alien- Gold Digger- changes back into Coco.

Coco: Alright, something is definitely up with you. I should get you back to the Hideout, where you should have been. Then we can get you to stop acting nuts and get back to worrying about the Conqueror.

Coco puts his arm around Brandon and leads him away from the wreckage.

Brandon: I already told you I'm perfectly- wait, what Hideout?

One of the fallen droids shifts its lenses, indicating that- while it is damaged- it wasn't deactivated. From the droid's perspective, Coco can be seen taking Brandon away from the area. On the screen, the footage is being viewed by The Conqueror, himself, on board his ship.

Droid: Sir, the Droid attack has been defused by the hero yet again.

The Conqueror: No matter. The device is nearly complete. With it, I shall finally get the world to kneel before me. He may have stopped me before but his luck has finally run out. As long as he's focused on the droid attacks, he won't even know my true plan until it is far too late. Later on, at a garage, Coco is seen leading Brandon towards it.

Brandon: What are we doing at your house? Shouldn't we head back to the lab?

Coco: What lab? If you're talking about your science stuff, everything is at the Hideout.

Brandon: Again, what is this Hideout that you keep bringing up?

Coco: Only the coolest super hero base to ever exist. Behold...

Coco presses a doorbell at the side of the garage. The garage door then opens before them. Brandon's unimpressed and confused expression shifts over to a more surprised one. Inside the garage is a base of some sort, with a few contraptions lying around, some furniture and decorations and some kind of elaborate set up involving athletic equipment. In the corner, a large television screen is present with large cables extended from behind it.

Brandon: Whoa... So this is the Hideout?

Coco: Well, duh- after all, this IS where we hang out. You should know this already, dude. You must have seriously hit your head or something.

Coco helps Brandon over to a chair, where he sits.

Brandon: I keep telling you I'm fine. It's you and everything else that's different. It's like you changed somehow. Last time I was here, there wasn't a hideout and I was the one who showed you the Omnitrix first, not the other way around!

Coco: Maybe it's a fever...

Brandon: (sigh) This can't possibly get any worse.

Voice: Is someone there?

Brandon looks up surprised while Coco turns around, he looks even more shocked than Brandon. A different Brandon, one that shares the same dark and grey tone as this Coco, approaches the open garage.

Other Brandon: Oh Coco. I didn't think you'd be back this soon.

Coco: Wait, if you were here at the Hideout this whole time then...

Coco turns around and steps back.

Coco, pointing at Brandon: Who the heck are you?!

Brandon: I'm pretty sure there's a logical and reasonable way we can sort this out.

A short moment later, Brandon is seen tied to the very same chair in a somewhat uncomfortable manner. He is struggling to get loose of the rope. Meanwhile, the other Brandon looks through an organizer containing several articles and Coco leans against the desk with his arms crossed, simply watching Brandon struggle.

Coco: Are you sure you tied those ropes good?

Other Brandon: Huh? Oh yeah, pretty sure. I did go to summer camp once.

Coco: I thought you said the only tying you did was when you were setting up the tents.

Other Brandon: A knot is not just a knot, you know.

Coco: You lost me.

Other Brandon: Nevermind...

Coco: So, did you find anything in your organizer about your clone?

Brandon: Cl-Clone?! Me? Come on, Coco, we've already been through that once, haven't we?

Coco: I have no idea what you're talking about!

Brandon: Seriously? That was the same day I gave you your very own copy of the Omnitrix.

Coco: I'll have you know my Omnitrix is a genuine- the real deal. Unlike your fake one.

Other Brandon: Nothing about clones or duplicates. I guess he could be a robot made by the Creator.

Brandon: Trust me, I'm not a robot or a clone or a shapeshifter.

Coco: You know about the shapeshifters?

Brandon: Yes! We've been through all those things together.

Coco: No, I've been through all those things with my Brandon which isn't you. So just tell us who you really are.

Brandon: I told you already. I'm Brandon! We're friends. Well, at least me and my Coco- (as if realizing something) which can't be you...

Coco: What are you talking about now?

Brandon: I just need to know one thing: How'd you get your Omnitrix?

Coco: Pft! And why should I tell you?

Brandon: Because we might be able to figure out how I got here and put an end to this stupid situation.

Coco: Fine... I was walking along when I found a lottery ticket. Turns out it made me pretty rich! I cashed it in and-

Brandon: You wanted to celebrate by hiking up a mountain, didn't you?

Coco: I actually wanted to look up at the stars. What kind of idiot would celebrate by hiking up a mountain?

Brandon: Urh... Nevermind about that! So you went to the forest and discovered a DNA rod. Coco: Yeah, how'd you know?

Other Brandon: He could have the same memory as me. Maybe he really is a clone, after all.

Brandon: No, don't you guys get it? The same events that happened to me also happened to you. Or at least, very similar events. Something or someone must have changed reality so that it was you who ended up finding the DNA rod and making the Omnitrix rather than me. Expect I'm here in this altered reality too...

Alternate Coco, turning to the Alternate Brandon: Are you getting any of this?

Alternate Brandon: Yeah... TV, what do you think?

The television screen, which was showing some sort of interface, then seems to calculate something.

TV: The possibility does appear to be plausible. The circumstantial evidence of having two entirely different versions of Brandon makes the deviating variant's argument all the more believable.

Coco: But how this is possible? Someone can't just mess with reality!

Brandon: No... maybe not someone. But something was used to send me here. Yes! The Conqueror's staff, I'm starting to remember now. I was trying to escape when he must have blasted me with his staff. Except...

Coco: Except what?

Brandon: If the blast was the same, I would have just gotten shot in the back. No, he must have changed the frequency or adjusted it in some way. Maybe he thought this modification would have destroyed me but instead it sent me, well, here. Wherever the heck here is.

Alternate Brandon: You said he modified his staff with something that could have altered reality. That sounds... oddly familiar. (snaps his fingers) Aha! I've got it. The missing crystal!

Brandon: The what?

Alternate Coco: The missing crystal!

Brandon: I heard me- I mean him, just saying it again doesn't make me understand what it is.

Alternate Coco: If you would let me talk... The missing crystal is part of a collection of stones being brought to the local museum. I heard someone was planning to make a move for it and went out a patrol like usual. But I ended up catching the wrong guy.

Alternate Brandon: That must mean that the real criminal was actually... The Conqueror!

Alternate Coco: But why would he steal the missing crystal? That doesn't seem like his M.O. at all.

Brandon: No, but whatever he does, he always has a reason for it. No matter how crazy it might seem.

Alternate Brandon: Yeah, agreed.

Alternate Coco: Well, we won't know anything until we find more information. I'll do another patrol. I could use someone with your know-how on this, Alternate Brandon. Brandon huffs in a disapproving tone.

Alternate Brandon: I could come with, if you want. I know you like to do this whole solo-act but if you let me come with you, I could-

Alternate Coco: No way, you're better off in the Hideout doing whatever it is you do. The hero thing is my part of the job, 'member?

Alternate Brandon, embarrassed: Oh right! S-Sorry, I didn't mean to step on your toes or anything like that.

Alternate Coco: No problem. Nah, I'll take the other you. I might not trust him but he definitely knows more than he's letting on. (to Brandon) Come on, already, let's see if you're capable of following a real hero around.

Alternate Coco starts to walk out of the garage.

Brandon: I think you'll find me to be VERY capable.

Brandon struggles against the ropes.

Alternate Coco: Were you trying to escape just now or something?

Brandon: ...Maybe. Well, you just let me out of this thing, already?! I'm starting to get a cramp over here.

Alternate Coco goes over to help out Brandon while the alternate Brandon leans against the desk and gives out a long sigh before looking down, saddened. Later on, at a warehouse, Brandon and Coco can be seen looking around the area.

Brandon: So this is where the shipment was stolen?

Alternate Coco: Yeah. And I thought I caught the right guy too! Grah! Makes me so mad.

Brandon: Why? We're not perfect.

Alternate Coco: You might not be. But ever since I got the Omnitrix, I've been nothing but awesome. Everyone loves it when I use my powers and I save the day like all the time.

Brandon: Yeah, about that. How do you even manage to do that? Don't you have to go home at a certain time to avoid getting into trouble?

Alternate Coco: Maybe in your reality but I let my Dad in on everything. He was surprisingly chill about it.

Brandon: Wait, you told your dad?

Alternate Coco: Are you kidding? I would have told the whole world if it weren't for him. He said I shouldn't do it because it might make helping people a lot harder for me. As if but I still have to do what he tells me despite me being a super hero now.

Brandon, to himself: I guess I can see what Coco means about me showing off my powers too much.

Alternate Coco: What was that?

Brandon: N-Nothing, nothing. But what about me? I mean Brandon. You know, the other one.

Alternate Coco: What about him? He's my best friend like in your reality, I hope.

Brandon: Well, yeah but- in my version of reality, I showed the Omnitrix to him as soon as I made it and he's been helping me out most of the time.

Alternate Coco: Same for me. I didn't really make the Omnitrix though. Brandon helped with the design, I just let him know what I found. I'm not too good at the science stuff.

Brandon: So he helped make the Omnitrix... Glad to see that not everything is different.

Alternate Coco: Yeah, since then, he's been helping me become the hero I am. I go out on patrol and practically stop the crimes from happening before they even get to that point! I even get rewards and stuff.

Brandon: And you accept them?!

Alternate Coco: Why not? I need it, don't I? Just imagine how many games and stuff I can buy with the money they keep giving me. Plus free food, you can't possibly say no to something like that.

Brandon: More like want it. We're kids, Coco. Sure, we might want the latest video game but we don't need it. Especially when it comes to taking someone else's money. That's part of the hero code. Always think about the other person before thinking about yourself. That extends to accepting rewards from them. It's all about being noble or something.

Alternate Coco: Well, maybe that's just not the hero I want to be. You ever think about that?

Brandon: What are you talking about?

Alternate Coco: I'm just saying that not every hero has to be like you. In this reality, in MY reality, I'm Coco 10. I'm the hero here, not you! So I can be whoever and do whatever I want.

Brandon: Look, you might think my advice is based on what I think a real hero should be, and maybe it is a little bit but some of that also comes from experience. If it weren't for my Coco, I would probably- I would probably become you!

Alternate Coco: And what's so bad about that?

Brandon: You think that everything has to go your way but it doesn't. Letting other people in and making it less about you not only helps other people but it might just help yourself too.

Alternate Coco looks upset but looks away as if to ponder about what Brandon just said. Brandon leaves it at that and goes to examine the crime scene. He then turns over a broken piece of a crate.

Brandon: So, that's what it was!

Alternate Coco, joining him: What did you find?

Brandon: A piece of the crate, it had a sign on it.

Brandon shows the sign to Coco which reads "The Remuta Crystal".

Alternate Coco: The Remuta Crystal? What's that?

Brandon: Aside from the thing that was stolen here? I'm guessing it's the same crystal the Conqueror used to send me here. But if there are two versions of me and you then there's definitely an alternate version of The Conqueror here. And he's got a plan for using this reality warping crystal somehow.

An explosion is then heard in the distance, catching both of their attentions. They leave the shipping area and move to the streets where more Conqueror Droids are seen flying around, wrecking havoc on the city. Citizens are seen screaming and running away from the destruction.

Alternate Coco: More Conqueror Droids. We better take care of them.

Brandon: No. Something's not right here. If he has the crystal, why does he keep sending droids down?

Alternate Coco: Well, he wants to the destroy the city, duh.

Brandon: No. He wants to conquer the city. These droids- they're just a distraction.

Alternate Coco: Okay but what about the droid attack on the city? We can't just leave them here to cause destruction.

Brandon: Good point. Alright, we should be able to stop the droids and the Conqueror if we work together.

Alternate Coco: I work alone.

Brandon: Yeah, well, so did I, okay? And it might feel good for the moment but these people (points to the citizens in distress) they need as much help as they can get, Coco. We can't afford to be reckless- we have to be smart about this.

Alternate Coco: Alright, fine. We'll work together. Are you sure you even know how to use that thing? (wags finger at Brandon's Omnitrix)

Brandon, glaring at Alternate Coco: You bet I do. Come on.

Brandon dashes ahead, activating the Omnitrix. He scrolls through the transformations and stops at the Ro-Warasaur silhouette. He then smacks down the column and, within a green flash, he transforms into Ro-Warasaur.

Ro-Warasuar, stomping ahead: Now we're talking!

Coco looks slightly intimidated but also a little surprised as well. He then gets over it and activates his own Omnitrix. He smacks down the column and a green flash overcomes him too. Back to Ro-Warasaur, he can be seen smashing droids with his fists. A group of droid line up behind him and start firing lasers which hit his shell. Ro-Warasaur then turns around and fires cannonballs from his shoulder cannons, which blast them out of the sky. Another droid comes up from behind Ro-Warasaur but is shot down by a crystalline projectile. The droid twitches and sparks up as the crystal pins it down into the street. Ro-Warasaur takes notice of this and turns towards the direction from which the projectile was fired, only to see Diamondhead approaching.

Diamondhead: That's uh- new. What do you call that one?

Ro-Warasaur: Ro-Warasaur. Wait, you mean you haven't had access to this alien before?

Diamondhead: Nope. I guess that's apart of the whole altered reality thing. Different aliens for different heroes.

Ro-Warasaur: Well, Diamondhead is a constant.

Diamondhead: Really? Well, no time to talk about it. We've got more droids to take down.

Ro-Warasaur: I can deal with them. Our main focus has to be The Conqueror. You need to get the other Brandon to try and locate the Conqueror's ship.

Diamondhead: But-

Ro-Warasaur: Trust me, we need him! Now go.

Diamondhead hesitates for a brief moment but then nods. He then takes off. Ro-Warasaur then turns, seeing a swarm of droids flying down towards him.

Ro-Warasaur: Right. (readies cannons) Droid Army.

Ro-Warasaur smacks the first couple of droids that rush towards him, but others slam into him, throwing him back slightly. He then regains his position and fires his cannonballs, blasting more of them out of the sky. The remaining droids continue their attack on the city, causing the citizens to run away scared. Diamondhead is then seen running but stops, hearing more screams in the distance.

Diamondhead: There has to be a better way. I can't just leave them. That's not what a hero would do...

Diamondhead then turns his head and sees something. Back at the garage, Alternate Brandon is seen sitting in a chair, looking quite bored. A phone is then heard ringing. He turns his head and reaches for a landline telephone on the wall.

Alternate Brandon, answering the phone: Hello?

Diamondhead, over the phone: Brandon, it's me.

Alternate Brandon, leaning forward: Coco?

Diamondhead, over the phone: I'm in a bit of trouble, man.

Close to the city, Diamondhead can be seen using a pay phone.

Diamondhead, using the phone: I need you to try and locate the Conqueror's Ship. And get here. We really could use your help here.

Alternate Brandon, over the phone: O-Of course! Sure thing. I'll be there as soon as I can. Also, I'm pulling up the location now. Apparently, it's not that far from the city. He must be approaching your location, you won't be able to miss it.

Diamondhead, using the phone: Thanks, man. I owe you one.

Diamondhead carefully hangs up the phone and turns back to the destruction.

Diamondhead: Now then.

He then forms his arm into a spiked crystal mace and smiles. Back in the city, the droids surround Ro-Warasaur, constantly firing lasers at him. He strikes back with both his fists and his cannonballs but it does not seem like enough. They are beginning to overpower him.

Ro-Warasaur: There's... urk- too many!

Diamondhead: Then let me cut off some of those portions!

Diamondhead jumps in, slicing down some droids. He then quickly turns back, firing more crystalline projectiles. Ro-Warasaur grabs a nearby car and chucks it at a larger part of the swarm, destroying them.

Ro-Warasuar, catching his breath: Uh- Thanks. Why'd you come back? I thought I said-

Diamondhead: And I did it. I found a phone. There was no way I was going to leave you and the people of this city behind. Not when you were in trouble like that. You know, you might be from a different version of reality but you're still my best friend. I'm actually glad to see you've got powers of your own. It was scary at first, thinking someone else could be like me, but-

Ro-Warasaur: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Diamondhead: I guess you do. Brandon said the ship should be close by- it looks like he's getting close to the city.

Ro-Warasaur: This must be the final part of his plan. He's going to use the crystal on the city.

Diamondhead: But why?

Ro-Warasaur: There's only way to find out. By going on board the Conqueror's Ship.

Ro-Warasaur looks up at the sky.

Diamondhead: That won't exactly be easy.

Ro-Warasaur: No... (looks at him) But definitely not impossible.

Diamondhead looks slightly confused. Later on, the Conqueror's ship is seen approaching the city. On board, the Conqueror walks out onto the deck with his staff in his hand. He then turns his head to a device with the crystal centered in the middle.

Alternate Conqueror: What is the status of the device?

Droid: The machine is functioning properly and will be ready for reality alteration shortly.

Alternate Conqueror: Good. If I can not conquer the world by force then I will have to subjugate it via reality manipulation. They will have no choice but to bow before me and welcome me as their new ruler.

Droid: Sir, there is something approaching the ship. Scanners are detecting three lifeforms.

Alternate Conqueror: Three?!

The Conqueror turns and approaches the edge of the ship, seeing Diamondhead creating a walkway of crystals with both Brandons holding onto him.

Alternate Conqueror: The hero arrives. No matter. Soon he and his friends will meet their end. Get the machine ready.

Droid: Yes, sir.

A moment later, finally arriving on the ship, Diamondhead drops down with both Brandons. The Omnitrix symbol then flashes red and beeps before a red flash overcomes him. He then transforms back into Coco.

Alternate Coco: Darn, thought I would have been able to fight him.

Brandon: Don't give up now.

Alternate Coco: Oh, I don't plan to. You do have a plan though, right?

Brandon: Of course, we do.

Alternate Coco: We?

Alternate Brandon: That's right. I had a feeling this had more to do with the crystal so I did some more research about it. Turns out the legend surrounding the crystal was believed that it can do more than just alter reality like how you said, other me. It can also shape the reality however the user wants. In theory, he can conquer everyone and everything with just the flick of a switch.

Alternate Conqueror: Quite right.

The three of them turn to face the alternate Conqueror standing by his machine with his droid.

Alternate Conqueror: And now that my machine is ready, I can finally wipe all of you miserable brats out of reality before I conquer it. Brandon: Not even you have the power to conquer reality.

Alternate Conqueror: But I do. In just a few moments, the planet Earth will become my own world, living by my own rules. People will build statues in my name and bow before me every day of every week. That is the true essence of power!

Alternate Coco: Well, you won't know what true power is then since we're here to stop you.

Alternate Conqueror: Heh, how very fitting. The start of my new world begins with your end.

Alternate Coco, to Brandon: Come on, we only have one shot at this.

Brandon: What are you-

Alternate Coco: I might not be into science too much but it's pretty obvious that you need that machine to get back to your world. The real world.

Brandon: Your world is real too. Somehow, I just know it.

Alternate Coco: We'll take care of the Conqueror. (turns to Alternate Brandon) Together.

The alternate Brandon nods and smiles at his friend.

Alternate Coco, turning back to Brandon: But we need to get you back to your reality. Think about your Coco.

Brandon thinks for a moment then looks over at the machine.

Brandon: Okay... let's do it then. (turning to Alternate Coco) For Coco.

Alternate Coco nods then turns back to the Conqueror.

Alternate Conqueror: You fools. You can't even transform yet. How can you possibly challenge me? I know your every trick, hero.

Alternate Coco: Yeah, well, you don't know his.

Alternate Brandon takes out an odd-looking contraption that resembles a small lawn blower. He then pulls a switch at the side and the device releases a high energy blast that knocks the Conqueror back into the machine. The Conqueror then pushes himself off from the machine in anger.

Alternate Conqueror: You will pay for that with your lives...

He then fires a blast from his staff at them, however, they move out of the way. Brandon then uses this chance to sneak away towards the machine. Alternate Brandon keeps firing at the Conqueror but he deflects the blasts with his staff.

Alternate Brandon: Uh- I'm running pretty low on charge, man.

Alternate Coco: Don't worry, I've got your back.

Alternate Coco activates his Omnitrix which flashes from red to green.

Alternate Coco: Oh yeah...

He then smacks down the column with a green flash overcoming him. Meanwhile, Brandon gets closer to the machine and starts adjusting the controls.

Brandon, to himself: Right, I've just got to change the range from cityscape to just this part of the ship before reversing the function. Should be a piece of- ARGH!

He is then grabbed from behind and thrown into a metallic wall. He rubs his head and looks ahead, seeing the Droid.

Droid: There shall be no interference for the Conqueror's plan.

Brandon: Oh great...

Alternate Conqueror: There is no stopping this. You might as well accept your defeat and be conquered.

The Conqueror is then hit from behind with a fireball, causing him to drop to the floor. He then turns around, clearly upset, and sees Heatblast standing by with fireballs readied.

Heatblast: Us heroes don't give up so easily, Conqueror. And personally-

He charges up his fireballs even more.

Heatblast: I'm all fired up!

He then blasts his flames ahead but the Conqueror rolls out of the way. The Droid then turns to the Conqueror. Brandon then activates his Omnitrix and scrolls through the alien transformations. He then stops at a certain silhouette.

Brandon: Oh, what the heck.

Brandon then smacks down the column and transforms into Upgrade.

Upgrade: Let's see if this doesn't mess with your programming.

Upgrade then merges with the droid and upgrades it. He then extends his blaster arm out and fires an electric net at the Conqueror, subduing him.

Alternate Conqueror: Be-Betrayed?! How?!

Upgrade, in the droid: Guess you're just as bad as programming as you are at conquering.

Upgrade then short circuits the Droid and un-merges with its body. The machine then starts sparking up violently.

Heatblast: Look! The machine is acting up!

Alternate Brandon: It must have been damaged during the fight. You have to go, now!

Upgrade: But, what about you guys?

Heatblast: Heh, I think we're going to just fine. Just try not to give the other me such a hard time, alright?

Upgrade: Well, I can't make any promises but yeah... I'll try. So long, alternate reality.

Upgrade merges with the machine and the crystal emanates a bright orange glow surrounding the machine, itself. Within a flash of light, the machine and Upgrade with it, are no longer there. Heatblast then turns to Alternate Brandon.

Alternate Brandon: Well, I guess that's the last we see of him- I mean me- I mean- uh- even this kind of stuff is getting my confused.

Heatblast: Don't worry about it too much. Now you know what it's like to be me.

Alternate Brandon: Speaking of that, I think I might have figured out of a way to replicate the Omnitrix. I just never told you before because I figured well- you might want to do the whole alone thing... On second thought, maybe this was a bad idea.

Heatblast: No, it sounds cool. After today, having you out there with me might actually be better than I thought.

Alternate Brandon: Huh. Sweet. So I guess you learned some stuff from the alternate me after all.

Heatblast: Yeah... Who knows? Maybe we might meet again some day. The dark clouds above can now be seen clearing up slightly. The sky starts changing with the color and tone being restored to how it was. Below, on the Conqueror's Ship, a different scene plays out as Four Arms battles against the Conqueror.

Four Arms: I don't know what you did to him but you're going to pay for it!

The Conqueror: Idle threats from such a dull creature.

The Conqueror whacks Four Arms with his staff in a certain part of his chest, causing him to hunch over in pain. He then slams the staff down against his head, causing him to drop down to the floor. The Conqueror then points the tip of the staff towards Four Arms' head.

The Conqueror: It would seem that you have been bested by me again, Coco. Maybe you too should know what it's like to be erased from reality like your late friend. The Conqueror charges his staff but a crack of thunder is then heard, catching his attention, as a blinding orange glare occurs off to the side of the deck.

The Conqueror, shielding his eyes: Wha-What is this?!

An orange vortex then forms before both of them with the same machine from the altered reality falling through and crashing into the side of the deck. Upgrade then un-merges with the machine almost in an instant and stretches out towards the Conqueror. The Omnitrix is then times out with Brandon, now in his Human form, flying towards the Conqueror with orange energy streaking off of his body. Brandon then strikes the Conqueror across the face, knocking him back towards the end of the deck.

The Conqueror: GAAH!

Brandon then drops down onto the deck of the ship, with the orange energy soon leaving his body. The vortex then starts to diminish. Four Arms looks up and sees Brandon before him.

Four Arms: B-Brandon! You're alive!

Four Arms holds him in his arms.

Brandon: Gah! Not for long if you keep squishing me like that, dude!

Four Arms letting go.

Four Arms: S-Sorry. I was just-

The other Omnitrix then starts to time out and flashes red, causing Four Arms to change back into Coco.

Coco: I just thought you were gone or something. I didn't want to think that that happened because of me. You were right before, I wasn't ready to be a hero like you.

Brandon: Well, that's the thing, Coco. There's no definite hero. We're all different people so I guess, by that extent, we can all become different heroes too. I'm not perfect and, well, neither are you. But that's what makes us, us. And together, we can both be the heroes we want to be.

Coco: Really?

Brandon, putting his hand on Coco's shoulder: Yeah.

Coco smiles but then an orange light starts to overcome his face. He then looks surprised.

Coco: Uh oh.

Brandon turns around, seeing the increasing orange light. Before him, the machine with the crystal is gaining a massive energy field which is continuously increasing.

Coco: What's happening?!

Brandon: The crystal is unstable, the energy is going to destroy the ship. We need to get off... now!

The ship then shutters as it begins to crash downwards. An explosion then occurs sending it off in another direction, away from the city. Brandon then grabs Coco and they both run towards the edge of the ship. They jump and land on a hill that the ship passes by. The ship continues going on for quite a bit until it crashes into some trees and explodes. Brandon and Coco breath in, slightly out of breath.

Coco: Well, that looks like the end of the Conqueror.

Brandon: I don't know. We thought he was gone before but I'm not so sure anymore... But, at least, that should put a dent in his plan for taking over reality.

Coco: Yeah. Wait, did you say reality?

Brandon: Er- Yeah, I guess so.

Coco: That reminds me, where the heck were you anyways? I thought he disintegrated you or something. Like in those sci-fi movies.

Brandon: Yeah, we're watching a bunch of those tonight, by the way. And we're also training more. Yeah, we're going to make you into a hero.

Coco: Okay, now you're acting kinda weird. What happened to you back there?

Brandon: You wouldn't believe me. Let's just say, I saw things from your point of view. Now come on, we can't train and watch movies all night, now can we?

Coco: Why not? It is summer vacation.

Brandon: Good point. Good point.

The two of them then start to walk off towards the city. Later, in the night, the crashed ship can be seen with pieces of it scattered through the woods. The Conqueror Droids fly around, picking up the debris and attempt to reassemble it to the ship. The Conqueror sits on a rock and examines his staff. Inside a panel, there is a remuta crystal except it is now drained of its orange glow, giving it a dark and grey tone. The Conqueror then angrily rips the crystal out of his staff and crushes it within his hand. He then slams the dust onto the ground and clenches his fist, obviously enraged.

The Conqueror: Mark my words, child. You haven't seen the last of The Conqueror. This may have slowed me down but I will be back. Yes... I will be back. And on that day, you will know my true power.



  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Alternate Coco (First Appearance)
  • Alternate Brandon (First Appearance)
  • Computer
  • TV (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used

Used by Brandon

Used by Coco

  • Cannonbolt
  • Stinkfly
  • Four Arms

Used by Alternate Coco

  • Gold Digger (First Appearance)
  • Diamondhead
  • Heatblast


  • The original concept used in this episode was confused for both Time Travel and Alternate Dimensions however this is corrected in the reboot version of the episode. Instead, it's a simple altered version of reality.
  • In the original episode, it looked like a device was constructed by the Conqueror- which he used to send Brandon into the alternate reality. This was changed in the rebooted version of the episode so that the Conqueror sent Brandon away with his staff however it is the Conqueror in the alternate reality that would use the device, however to send him back to his own reality instead.
  • Coco's secret hideout was originally thought about being a tree house however this was changed into a garage as it felt more believable for the character.
  • TV is the alternate reality version of Computer.
  • As confirmed in the episode, alternate Coco has his own set of aliens as opposed to Brandon's own set of aliens. So while Coco could use an alien like Gold Digger, Brandon would not be able to. While he is an alternate reality version of Coco, this will essentially be passed onto the actual Coco for any transformations he unlocks on his own as the same has been true for Brandon's own aliens never being used by Coco.
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