Coco's Garage is a location found in the series, Brandon 10.


Coco's Garage resembles any other regular garage seen in common Earth housing districts. It has a grey exterior and a blue roof. There is a large iron door in the front as well as a wide garage door.

There is also the Warehouse version of the garage which resembles a regular garage. It has a basic grey and blue exterior similar to the housing district's garage and it is pretty big. It is also has plenty of space on the inside.


Coco uses his Garage for multiple purposes. It's main purpose is to store items such as his car. He also uses his garage for team meetings, car repair and technology testing.


Alien Force

Online Games


  • Coco's Garage is a major setting in Brandon 10: Alien Force.
  • Coco spends a lot of time in his garage
  • Items from the past are sometimes kept in the garage as seen in Years Ago
  • The Garage seems to be fixed up multiple times due a large number of accidents
  • Coco has two different types of garages from what we know: The house-garage and the warehouse-garage.


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