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Puzzle Piece: Infinity
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date 6/5/2020
Written by SpookyLaundry
Directed by SpookyLaundry
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A Hero is Born
Under the Weather


[Dalton is sitting in The Crescent, eating lunch by himself when Dani starts to walk up to him followed by two other girls. Dani waves at him as he waves back. They sit at his table as Dani introduces everyone.]

Dani: “Hey Dalton. I met Felicity in one of my classes and this is her roommate Iris.”

[Felicity was a pale skinned ginger girl with bright green eyes, she wore a blue dress with a white undershirt and blue leggings. Iris was an Asian girl with red hair with a small white streak in it held into a bun with an orange hair clip and brown eyes, she wore a white t-shirt with an orange cardigan and a tan corduroy skirt and fishnets with orange canvas shoes. They both waved at him.]

Dalton: “Nice to meet you both.”

[Dalton and the girls start chatting and getting to know each other as the scene slowly fades away.]

-Opening Theme Starts-

[The camera zooms into a sewer drain as four clown looking individuals and twelve wolves. The clowns are chatting with the female clown in a top hat seemingly giving orders to the other girl clown and two guys.]

Leader Clown: “Make sure all of my hounds are fed or else they will be eating you instead!”

Unknown: “Zombozo, why do they need so much? Won’t they eat during the attack?

Zombozo: “Listen, Thumbskull. I don’t pay you to question my plans. I pay you to do the heavy lifting.”

Unknown: “Yeah, don’t worry your little head about it.”

Thumbskull: “Stop attacking me, Acidbreath.”

Unknown: “Both of you shut it before the boss blows her lid at you.”

Thumbskull: “I am sorry Frightwig and Zombozo.”

Zombozo: “Thank you, Frightwig.”

Acidbreath: “Why should I care? She isn’t my boss.”

[Zombozo turns her head around and looks at Acidbreath walking over to him. She takes her fist and punches him in the face. He tries to fight back, but is beaten by Zombozo who is laughing over his cowering body.]

Zombozo: “That is why I am the boss and why they call me Zombozo, I’m the one that earned this title from your boss. Follow my instructions and this town will be ours!”

[Zombozo laughs as the camera zooms on her face allowing the scene transitions to the next.]

[Dalton and his friends are finishing up their lunch and begin to head for an exit. Outside they hear screaming. They look and see a pack of wild zombie clown wolves attacking everyone.]

Dalton: “Are those clowns? What the hell?”

Dani: “Who cares? Just run!”

[Dani and the other two girls run leaving Dalton facing the incoming pack of wolves. He activates his watch.]

Dalton: “Let’s see who's on deck today.”

[He scrolls through his options and finally lands on Spidermonkey.]

Dalton: “Haven’t used him in a while. He will do the job just fine.”

[Dalton slams down his watch’s core as he is eaten by a green flash.]

{Spidermonkey Transformation: Dalton hunches over sprouting a tail as his jaw becomes more ape-like. His feet become monkey-like. His two arms become four as blue fur grows all over him. Dalton’s eyes turn into six eyes.}

[Spidermonkey fires a web out of his tail.]

Spidermonkey: “Spidermonkey! Woah, I actually got the one I wanted! Great, now let’s do some work.”

[Spidermonkey swings into action firing webs from his tail at the pack of wolves. He nets up two of them, but the nets snap as the wolves free themselves. Spidermonkey looks shocked and starts to panic.]

Spidermonkey: “I may be a little outnumbered.”

[Spidermonkey webs a trash can and begins to throw it around hitting several wolves. He knocked a few of them out and webbed them up. The other wolves ran away in fear and left the scene. Spidermonkey changed back into Dalton as he walked over to his captives. Just then they ripped the webs as they ran away after the rest of the pack.]

Dalton: “Damn, I couldn’t even get a good look at them.”

Unknown: “Did you see him? I was trying to get a good picture of the alien or the wolves for my blog.”

[Dalton turns around to see Kristen and some really tall guy with her. He sees the guy holding a camera as Kristen looks at him, hoping he can lead her to what she wants.]

Dalton: “What? No, I didn’t. I was eh- scaring off the trapped dogs before they hurt someone.”

Kristen: “Damn it, Nathan, you slowed us down and we missed all of it.”

Nathan: “Sorry, Kristen.”

[Kristen storms off in the middle of Nathan’s apology. Nathan sighs and waves to Dalton as he chases after her.]

Dalton: “That was… that was weird. I wonder if that’s her boyfriend that Dani talks about.”

[Dalton sighs leaving the scene as it transitions into the sewers with the clowns. The three lackeys are tending to the dogs. Zombozo is furious as she starts kicking chairs around her.]

Zombozo: “What happened, that made my babies come crawling back, scared out of their minds? They didn’t get their food or cause chaos!”

Thumbskull: “I don’t know, Zombozo. It could’ve been anything!”

Acidbreath: “Thumbskull’s right. We have no way of knowing.”

Zombozo: “That’s where you are both wrong. Frightwig! Go and take these two and find out what it was.”

[Frightwig sighs as she starts to head out the door, grabbing both Thumbskull and Acidbreath by the ears.]

Frightwig: “Let’s go boys.”

Zombozo: “Yes. Go and find out what scared my babies and what is challenging me for my title.”

[The three clown lackeys walk out of the lair as Zombozo starts laughing, transitioning the scene to Dalton meeting back up with Dani. She hands him a piece of paper. Dalton looks at it in confusion.]

Dalton: “What is this for?”

Dani: “It’s Felicity and Iris’s numbers. Now, what happened?”

Dalton: “Thanks, I guess. Some weird zombie looking dogs were attacking. I scared them off, but they will probably be back.”

Dani: “They will and when they do, you’ll be ready.”

Dalton: “You are probably right. Maybe I can get a new alien and really scare them.”

Dani: “You know damn well that I am right. At this point, I don’t think anything can surprise me at this point.”

Dalton: “Same here, so much has happened in the last three months that the abnormal has become normal to me.”

Dani: “I would be willing to bet you, you are wrong.”

Dalton: “Okay, you have my attention. I’ll bite. What is it?”

Dani: “Iris thinks you are cute. That’s why I introduced you to them. I also got you her number, but convinced Felicity to also put her number so you wouldn’t think anything of it.”

[Dalton looks at Dani in shock. He is left speechless as he has never really been in an actual relationship and wondered if this was the universe telling him to take a shot.]

Dalton: “Really? You aren’t messing with me are you?”

Dani: “I would never play with anyone’s heart like that. Iris is in one of your classes and noticed how you are in class and sort of developed a crush over the time that we have been in school.”

Dalton: “Damn….”

[Dalton smiles and Dani socks him in the arm, smiling as well.]

Dani: “Go get ‘em, tiger.”

[The camera pans to a looming sunset as the scene fades to nighttime and the three clowns are walking around the nearby city looking for mayhem to cause.]

Frightwig: “I am sure if we cause some mayhem, whatever stopped the hounds will come after us.”

Thumbskull: “How do you know that, Frightwig?”

Frightwig: “Just trust me, you big idiot. Wreck stuff and we will see.”

[Frightwig stops in front of a pawn shop, using her hair she breaks the window and starts taking what she wants. Thumbskull starts flipping over cars with his immense strength. Acidbreath shoots acid from his mouth covering the camera. As the acid falls off, the scene is now Dalton at dinner with Iris just chatting with her.]

Dalton: “That’s amazing Iris. I can’t believe you are such a great artist.”

Iris: “I bet you aren’t bad yourself.”

[They smile at each other as Dalton blushes. They seem to be having a great time when Dalton gets a call from Tetrax. He looks at his phone in disappointment and answers it.]

Dalton: {“Hello? What’s up? I am kind of busy right now”}

Tetrax: {“We have readings on an attack downtown. Meet for pick up in five minutes.”}

Dalton(thoughts): “Damn, cockblock.”

Dalton:{“Fine. I will be there soon.”}

[Dalton hung up his phone as he let out a sigh. He gets up from the table grabbing his plate as he turns to Iris.]

Dalton: “I swear, I will make this up, but work called. They need me to come in.”

Iris: “I understand. It was a great little dinner date.”

[Iris smiles and makes Dalton blush. He rushes out of The Crescent and finds Tetrax in the nearby treeline. He gets in the pod as it floats up from the trees and to the crime scene. The scene transitions to downtown. The clowns are robbing everything they can when they watch the pod land allowing Tetrax and Dalton to exit. Dalton looks at them and notices how they look.]

Dalton: “Woah! Some kind of Circus Freaks. Tetrax any information on them?”

Tetrax: “Not that I am aware of.”

Dalton: “Guess it doesn’t matter. They are still going to get their asses kicked.”

[Dalton activates his watch and scrolls to a big round guy as he slams down the core, transforming in a green flash of light.]

{Ripjaws Transformation: Scales form onto Dalton’s skin, his jaw and teeth grow large, a lure pops out of his forehead, claws burst from his fingertips as he grows gills that soon become encased by a tube of water. He lets out a roar showing off his big jaw}.

[Ripjaws looks at his form and sighs.]

Ripjaws: “The fish guy? With no bodies of water nearby? Figures I wouldn’t get the alien I want. Let’s get this show on the road. Hey Circus Freaks! No one told me the circus would be in town!”

[Ripjaws laughs as Thumbskull comes charging at him as he runs into the camera, changing the scene to Iris on her bed smiling surrounded by Felicity and Dani. Dani looked happy for her as Felicity looked skeptical.]

Felicity: “So uhhh…. How was your date?”

Iris: “It was wonderful! He is really cool and seems like a caring person. He was also interested in me. We have a lot in common too. We both want to pursue a career in art, although different paths, but still neat that we mesh together so well.”

Felicity: “That’s nice. Uh, Dani what are your thoughts on this? Do you see Iris being able to get Dalton to ask her out?”

Dani: “I mean, from what Iris tells me they seem like the perfect match for each other. They would make a great couple.”

[Felicity lets out a grunt as Iris smiles as she grabs her pillow. Iris throws her pillow at Felicity’s head letting the pillow hit the camera changing the scene. Ripjaws sinks his claws into Thumbskull who has charged and grabbed him. Tetrax as shooting crystal shards out of his cannon morphed hands at Acidbreath and Frightwig.]

Ripjaws: “Ewww… he smells like toe jam. Do you ever bathe dude?”

Thumbskull: “Why bathe when we travel in the sewers anyway? More time for fun instead.”

Ripjaws: “Sewer clowns? Where have I heard that one before?”

[Frightwig wraps her long hair around Tetrax’s hand and he morphs it into a regular hand. He grabs a hold of her hair and uses his strength to whip her around slapping her into Acidbreath. Ripjaws bites into Thumbskull as he yells in pain, letting go of Ripjaws. The Circus Freaks are hurt and run into the sewers. Ripjaws and Tetrax jump in after them.]

Ripjaws: “Just how I thought this night was going to turn out, swimming in the sewers.”

[Ripjaws starts beeping and he quickly gets on the cement walkway. He changes in a red flash, leaving Dalton in wet and smelly clothes. He looks disgusted as he runs behind Tetrax.]

Dalton: “This is so gross.”

[After a few minutes of running, they catch up to The Circus Freaks and see Zombozo and her pack of twelve wolves. Zombozo turns around to greet them.]

Zombozo: “Welcome, my great pains in my sides.”

Dalton: “So those dogs were you. Who are you and what are you up to?”

Zombozo: “So you are the assholes that are stopping me from having fun? Well then, I can’t let you go unpunished for that.!”

[Zombozo pulls out a hammer from nowhere smashing it in front of Dalton. Dalton slams his watch but doesn’t transform. He looks at his watch to find it is red instead of green. He panics as Zombozo takes another swing. She is about to hit Dalton when Terax interferes with his arms morphed into blades.]

Tetrax: “Let’s dance, clown!”

[Tetrax and Zombozo battle as The Circus freaks go after Dalton who panics trying to dial an alien. Acid barely misses him, but then he is grabbed by Frightwig’s hair as she slowly pulls him closer to her. Dalton’s watch glows green and he quickly smacks it not caring who he would get.]

{Ghostfreak Transformation: Light flashes the screen allowing Dalton’s skeleton to be shown. His fingers elongated into sharp claws bursting from his skin. His shoulders form into points breaking from his skin. His eyes formed together, his legs turning into a tail. His ribs start to glow green as his skin starts losing color turning into a ghost color.}

[Ghostfreak phases through the hair snare.]

Ghostfreak: “Ghostfreak! Let’s get the party started.”

[Frightwig whips at Ghostfreak wrapping his arm up. Ghostfreak goes invisible taking her down into the ground, knocking her out. Thumbskull went in for a punch towards Ghostfreak but missed as Ghostfreak turned intangible making Thumskull’s fist go right through him. He grabbed Thumbskull and threw him into the sewer water. Thumbskull started to panic struggling to stay afloat.]

Thumbskull: “Help! I can’t swim!”

[ Acidbreath went to attack, preparing an acid bomb in his throat but was pushed into pipes knocking him out by Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak flies over to Tetrax and taps him.]

Ghostfreak: “I got this clown, Tetrax.”

[Tetrax steps back as Zombozo looks at Ghostfreak and laughs.]

Zombozo: “A ghost? HA! Nice blanket sheet kid, but I sell the tricks, I don’t buy them.”

Ghostfreak: “Oh, no need to worry. You are still going down, clown.”

[Zombozo tries to swing at Ghostfreak, but he disappears. Zombozo looks around with her hammer ready. Ghostfreak appears punching her. He disappears again and starts to taunt her.]

Ghostfreak: “What’s wrong clown? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Zombozo: “No. I don’t think I have. Even if I did, I ain’t scared of no ghosts.”

[Ghostfreak appears again but disappears causing Zombozo to miss with her hammer and hits herself. She falls and looks frightened as she tries to locate Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak appears in front of her, pulling back the skin on his chest unleashing his tentacles from under the skin and scaring her to a pale white color.]

Zombozo: “I gotta get out of here!”

[Zombozo runs with her dogs as Frightwig and Acidbreath get up and help Thumbskull out of the water. They chase after Zombozo leaving Tetrax and Ghostfreak looking at them as they turn the corner. Ghostfreak changes back into Dalton in a red flash.]

Dalton: “That’s the end of that chapter.”

[Tetrax grabs Dalton’s shoulder, Dalton looks up at him confused.]

Dalton: “What’s up Tetrax?”

Tetrax: “I could sense, I interrupted something. I didn't mean to if it was important. Did you want to talk about it?”

Dalton: “It’s nothing. Was just on a dinner date with a girl that Dani introduced me to.”

Tetrax: “Oh? Well, Dalton, love is a strange thing that can work wonders. If it’s meant to be, then you will know. When the time comes you will know what to do. Just be sure you use protection, one Dalton is enough to deal with.”

Dalton: “Tetrax, that’s gross and you are really jumping ahead here. Like she is really nice and we get along great. I can honestly see a relationship from this. If that happens, I want to take things slow. I mean I would have to be honest with her and tell her about Codon eventually, but that’s a story for another day.

[Tetrax nods and helps Dalton get out of the sewers calling the pod as both of them get in. Tetrax lands on campus.]

Tetrax: “Dalton, love is a powerful thing. Make sure you are certain about this. I trust you can make the right decision.”

{Dalton nods before getting out of the pod as he makes his way to the dorm buildings. He gets to his dorm as he passes out onto his bed. The scene transitions to Iris’s dorm room.]

Iris: “I wonder if Dalton’s is done with work yet. He has been gone for two hours now.”

Dani:: “Not sure, I can go check in with his roommate on my way home.”

Iris: “Really? That would be nice. I just wanna be sure he got home safe.”

Dani: “Yeah, it’s no worries. I mean he is my friend so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. Although, his roommate might.”

[Dani laughs at her little inside joke as she says her goodbyes to Felicity and Iris. She goes to the elevator and ends up to her and Dalton’s floor. She knocks on Dalton’s door and waits until a smelly and tired-looking Dalton answers her.]

Dani: ‘Hey Dal- holy shit you smell.”

Dalton: “Yeah… it was a rough night.”

Dani: “Well? Aren’t you going to tell me what happened?”

[Dalton sighs as he proceeds to tell Dani what happened with the Circus Freaks. Dani looks interested as she laughs at the villains.]

Dani: “So those wolves were from a zombie clown from the sewers with her own trio of lackeys? Sounds like the plot of a bad movie.”

Dalton: “Yeah, it does seem like that. Damn… this place gets stranger as the days go on.”

Dani: “Yeah, the universe is a big place. Who knows whatever crazy adventures it has in store for you.”


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Iris and Felicity make their debuts.
  • Zombozo and The Circus Freaks make their debut.

Minor Events

  • Nathaniel makes his debut
  • Ghostfreak make his debut



Aliens Used


  • Dani quotes a famous line from the Marvel character Mary Jane Watson
  • Ghostfreak vs Circus Freaks is similar to the one seen in Ghostfreaked Out of OS
  • Zombozo vs Ghostfreak dialogue is similar to the one seen in Last Laugh of OS


  • Many IT references
  • It seems that Dalton has yet to name all of his aliens as he calls Ripjaws "The Fish Guy"
  • It appears that Dalton sometimes shouts his alien names
  • Zombozo quotes the Ghostbusters line "I ain't afraid of no ghosts"
  • This is Argit's debut episode of writing for the series
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