Species: Kataigidan

Home Planet: Tempestua


Cloudburst is a cloud-like humanoid with one eye in themiddle of his head. When it is calm the cloud is white and the eye is yellow an when it is angry the cloud is black and the eye is purple-blue.

Powers and Abilities

When white:


Gaseous Form

Light Projection

Solar Blasts

When black:


Lightning Projection

Rain Projection

Hail Projection; in the form of ice shards

Tornado Projection


  • Water - If water is thrown over it, it will turn into water and be bonded to the water which causes it to go wherever the water goes which keeps it stuck to the floor
  • Cold - If the temperature gets too low it will condense or freeze


  • When in it's white form, all of Cloudburst's energy abilities come from it's eye
  • When in it's black form Cloudburst is too dense to slip under doors or through vents

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