Kevin Levin Was cloned after his DNA was spread by the omnitrix Wave, initiating his first primal mutation. However, the Cloner had purified The DNA, and then messeed it up again. After accidently dropping a large amount of Ghostfreaks Brain Tissue in it, the clone was infused with its DNA, and recieved a Line In The middle of his neck.The Clone can Open the line, revealing a Gost Freak Eye, and Thus can turn into Ghost freak at any time.

He still has the energy stealing power of the original, but only to a lesser extent, but these were greatly increased after he had created the O.D.C., Allowing him access to almost any DNA or energy in the universe.


The cloned Kevin's personality is Crueler, and tougher than the original Kevin's, but also has less cockiness, knowing when he is beat. He can still be overconfident, but not as much, and also seems to be affected by the Aliens DNA, gaining its Personality Slightly, Whenever he uses the O.D.C.


As being a genetically altered Clone of a Half Osmosian, he can absorb power of objects, such as DNA, Batteries fuel, and etc. He can also transform into Ghostfreak at will,and he retains his osmosians horns while transforming into Ghostfreak, not requiring the O.D.C. He also seems to have increased Physical and Mental Stats, knowing what not to absorb and being seen not to wear out as fast as the actual Kevin.


Kevin's strengths are that he can control and manipulate DNA and energy, allowing him to do almost anything with tha species limits or the energies power. He can also lift up to 89 lb., and run 7 MPH. Due to being genetically altered, he does not require food or water a often as a normal human, and even has harder bones. He can also turn transparent like Ghostfreak,allowing him to get out of tough situations.


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