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Clone Crab is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Duplistacean from the planet Feacypida.


Clone Crab has a crab-like appearance.

Clone Crab has sand-beige skin with colors similar to Crablight. He has a dark brown shell running from his head to his body. His shell also covers his bottom which is yellow with four ribs. He has yellow eyes and a covered mouth on his face, along with two gill slits on each cheek. He has two crab-like pincers coming from near his eyes. He has six crab-like legs. Behind his shell is a lobster-like abdomen.

Clone Crab wears the Omnitrix symbol on his mouth.


Clone Crab's voice is very similar to Crablight but it is higher-pitched.


Clone Crab and his clones tend to finish each other's sentences.

Powers and Abilities

Clone Crab can clone himself, easily being able to merge and duplicate without effort. Cloning activates via duplication, meaning there cannot be an odd amount of clones. There is no limit to how much he can clone, though there may be consequences to overcloning.

Each Clone Crab clone acts independently from one another, so they can create a plan without exact synchronization. They can also use this to cover more ground or fool simple-minded opponents.

Clone Crab can pile onto enemies while cloning, which forcefully crushes opponents thanks to the added weight of his clones.

Clone Crab has telepathy within his clones, so he can tell if nearby clones require assistance or have found something that they were looking for.

Clone Crab can breathe and move underwater quite well.

Clone Crab's pincers are extremely sharp and are strong as well, being able to hold a firm grip on a Morphian's finger.

Clone Crab's shell is also very durable, being able to withstand being thrown into a sharp piece of coral with only a small scratch as a leaving mark.

Like actual crabs, Clone Crab can dig extremely quickly by jabbing his feet into dirt. He is also very fast and can dodge attacks with ease.

Using his legs, Clone Crab can scale walls. He also has night vision.


Clone Crab is extremely small, being about two feet tall, making him vulnerable to large opponents.

The more Clone Crab clones, the less protective each new clone's shell, limiting his cloning possibilities.


Clone Crab comes from clone and crab.


  • Clone Crab's concept name was Clonestacean.
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