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BBO Clockwise.png
General Information
Species Chronosapien
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Robotic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Chronokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Space Survivability
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
First Appearance Price of Fame

Clockwise is the Infinity's DNA sample of a Chronosapien from the planet Khrohnhos in Bryce Bowman: Origins.


Clockwise is a robot-like alien with skin that is made of gold, with black stripes and a transparent piece of circular glass on his chest, revealing gears inside of him.

He has copper eyes and a green mouth.

The glass reveals light from the inside of his body that silhouettes the gears.

Transformation Sequence

The Infinity glows brilliantly on Bryce's arm. A brass sheet of metal glides over Bryce's arm, travels over his chest and down his other arm. He stares off into space as the brass continues over his face. He spins, slowly, as the metal begins morphing. His whole metal body inflates and reshapes. A key-like piece sprouts on top of his head. Clockwise takes a single step back and holds the arm on the opposite side of his body out, his hand open, and poses.


At the end of Secrets: Part 2, Azmuth unlocked a second playlist for the Infinity, one of the aliens unlocked was Clockwise.

In Price of Fame, Clockwise tripped Sunder but then reverted before the fight ended.

Powers and Abilities

Clockwise can slow down time around himself, making it look like to others that Clockwise is moving at very high speeds.

By rotating the key on his head, Clockwise can create a projection of what happened in the past.

Clockwise can travel through time.

Clockwise can fire green time rays from his hands or chest which have various effects, such as sending people back in time or into a different timeline or age an object/person to dust.

Because he is as a technological being, it is possible for a Galvanic Mechamorph to merge with Clockwise, enhancing his abilities. When upgraded, Clockwise's time rays become stronger and he gains the ability to morph his hands into drills and gains shoulder mounted rocket launchers.


Clockwise is not very durable.

Because of his large body, Clockwise is quite slow and low on stamina. Therefore, he tires out quickly.

Time has no effect on gumballs and diamond, so Clockwise's time rays are virtually useless on those items. 

The use of Clockwise's powers create a ripple effect in time which can be sensed or reversed by another Chronosapien.




  • Clockwise makes gear sounds when he moves.
  • The way Clockwise slows down time to dodge objects and seem to be running at high speeds to others is the same way Ying from the Malaysian cartoon Boboiboy does it, and the way the characters from the Kamen Rider series installment Kamen Rider Kabuto do it in a process called "Clock Up", although the Kabuto Riders' method is merely moving their bodies at the speed of light, rather than direct time-manipulation.
  • Clockwise is one of Bryce's most powerful forms, though he is hardly ever used.
    • It's believed that, like Galactica, when Bryce realized Clockwise's power, he became afraid of what he could potentially accidently do.
  • Bryce's name, "TikTok", for Nemevoc's version of Clockwise is a reference to the popular social media app of the same name
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