Clemente di Silvestro (Clem for short) is the protagonist in Clem 10. He first appeared in Start at the count of 10. He is a Human from the planet Earth.


Clem is an average height with naturally tan skin tone and brown hair. His eyes are two different colors, a result of Heterochromia, which affects his entire bloodline. He also has a birthmark on the left underside of his mouth, another feature of his bloodline. He wears a black hoodie with a scratched metal Italian flag pinned to it, a white undershirt with no features, blue jeans, and black-white-red Reebok shoes. The Metatrix sits on his left wrist.


Clemente is intelligent, but he isn't a stick in the mud. He is very quick-witted and can take an insult. He likes to spend a lot of time on his laptop, but is still active, as he is the third fastest member in his track team. His father was gone most of his life, so he was not impacted by his death as much as his mother. He can be very rash when people are in danger. When his family is in danger, he may lose sight of the real problem, but he always tries to do what seems right, but that sometimes leaves him to choose the wrong thing.

Powers and Abilities

Alien Transformation

Thanks to the Metatrix, Clem can transform into aliens


Clem is very adaptable, even when the Metatrix gives him the wrong alien, he can re-plan quickly to fit the situation


Clem can tend to lose sight of the real problem when it come to his family

Clem is vulnerable in human form


Early Life

Clem had a very uneventful early life, he did not see his father much and his mother was busy as well, so he made up for time with shows,his father died in a plane crash when he was 11, and when he turned 12 in 2019, his uncle came to pick up him and his mother for a road trip across the surrounding country




  • None

Love Interests

  • None


  • Warlord Nero
    • Drill
    • Conquerors
    • Legionnaires


  • Every episode of Clem 10


  • Clem's Heterochromia is based off of mine, although my eye is green not blue.
  • Clemente has ran track most of his life, leading for better control as his transformation Fast lane


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