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General Information
Species Chalicos Dactyla
Home World Macro Lartet
Body Animalistic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Claws
Huge Size
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Senses
Strong Bite
Enhanced Strength
First Appearance TBA

Clawswipe is the Tribaltrix's DNA sample of a Chalicos Dactyla from the planet Macro Lartet. Only Tribal Neon has access to this transformation.


Clawswipe is an odd-looking alien which looks like a combination between a horse, a bear and an ape. He has orange fur with white stripes and small spots. A brown line goes down his back. His arms are long and heavily clawed, allowing him to walk on his knuckles only, but he's able to stand up, revealing his white stomach. His face is horse-like, the face is white and orange with black markings, prominent lips and small eyes. He has a small horse-like tail which is orange.

He wears the Tribaltrix symbol on his stomach.

Powers & Abilities

He has sharp claws which can cause an armorless opponent to think twice before attacking him.

While not used too much in combat, his teeth are strong and can leave painful and even lethal wounds in flesh.

His sense of smell, taste and hearing are well developed.

When he stands upright, his massive stature can be intimidating.


His sense of sight is very bad.

Strong odors can irritate his other senses.

Strong noises can affect his sensitive hearing.

He doesn't have any defenses on his body, so a powerful bite could be dangerous for him.

He's slow due to his knuckle walking & due his huge size.


  • This alien is based on the extinct animal Chalicotherium.
  • The name of this alien was chosen by Felipebox4 on Discord.