Clara Oswald
General Information
Species 1/4 Human

1/4 Anodyte 1/4 Time Lord 1/4 Ectonuerite

Age 12;8;17;17;12;13;4;700;90;20;40;75
Affiliations The Doctor,

Matti Tennyson, Ben, Gwen

Occupation(s) governess (formerly)

The Oracle at Delphi (formerly)

Powers and abilities
Abilities pass through walls, control mana, posess people, solve logic problems
Equipment Chronomatrix
Relatives none
Alias Pythia

the Impossible Girl

Alternate Counterparts none
Voice Actor none
First Appearance Diagon Alley

Clara Oswin Oswald is a Time Lord/human/Anodyte hybrid from every planet the Doctor has visited in Ben Ten: Enter the Ultimatrix who wields the Chronomatrix.


She looks similar to Eunice in Omniverse, but the hair is brown, and the eyes change color from green to brown. Also, her mouth is different. Her dress is usually red, and her shoes are usually brown, but when she goes to Dimension 7, she wears a green dress and purple shoes. Her Chronomatrix is made of leather, and has a leather covering for the display, which changes from red to purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red again.

Her Anodyte form is like a younger Verdona, but she changes color along with her Chronomatrix, and has her human form hairstyle.

Her Ectoneurite form is like her human one, but she has an Ectoneurite tail and a cloak like on Z'Skayr's true form, but the color of her dress in her human form. Also, her head is upside down, her one visible eye is an Ectoneurite eye, and her body shape resembles a more feminine version of an Ectoneurite.


It changes; one minute she is optimistic and happy as a lark, the next she finds the worst in everything, except her friends. Her eyes and Chronomatrix display reflect this. However, her personality is never flat, dull, or hard to notice.

Powers and Abilities

There are 12 of her throughout time and space, but only the original has strong transformations, and the original has the strongest mind, too. She can scan any life form with her Chronomatrix, and then she has access to its DNA at every point in its evolution chain. Also, she can use her Chronomatrix to navigate time and space.


She may be impossible to catch if you play by the rules, but there are certain traps she will fall for up to 5 times in a row.


She was born in 2003, and is now 12. She led a normal life until she ran into the Doctor. Then she came to Dimesion 7, and





The Doctor




Love Interests

Matti Tennyson



  • Diagon Alley
  • Quidditch Pitched
  • K-9 Instincts


She is called the "Impossible Girl" sometimes because her existence in every place the Doctor has gone to is absolutely impossible.


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