Clapslap is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Smackker from an unknown planet.

General Information
Species Smackker
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Blob-like Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Thunderclaps

Intense Shockwaves

Hard Slaps

First Appearance Mere Error


Clapslap is a blob-like alien. He is mustard yellow, pink-ish, and brown in color. He has Eye Guy-like shaped objects crossing all the top of his head while curving left and right with wrinkles inside of them. He has two circular eyes on the very edge of his ear-like objects, a Grey Matter-like mouth shape but with sharper teeth, a Fasttrack-type nose, and a smaller neck. He has a broader and more wider torso shape with small lines near the waist. He has smaller arms that extend broader towards the hands/wrists (like Toepick's arms) with 4 rectangle-like fingers. He has an extra arm attached and extending from each arm's elbow area, making four arms in all. He has cuffs around his wrists and brown-colored palms as well. His legs are Toepick-like with 4 toes on the  feet. He then has a waist belt on boxer-like pants on his waist (like Humungousaur's pants) and suspenders connecting from the sides of the pants going upwards over his shoulders. He has the trix symbol in the middle circle of his belt. 

Powers & Abilities

Clapslap's powers have to do with his arms. He can make instense clapping/slapping shockwaves that can cause enemies to fall down and break objects. His slaps do leave a large mark as well...and it does hurt a lot. As well as shockwaves, he can make thunderclaps, too. 


His main weakness is any strength attacks.


In Mere Error, Clapslap debuted. 

In It Happened Secretly, Clapslap tried to attack The Guild but failed. 




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