Clancy was a villain in Ben 10: Alien Universe. He appeared in Alien Universe as a complete new species which Ben has scanned into the Omnitrix in the Alien Universe timeline and dubbed "Bugbite."

Ben 10: Alien Universe

In Clancy's one appearance in Clancy Strikes Back! Clancy returns in a shape-shifted form he tricks Grandpa Max into thinking is an excavating tool. After letting Max dig deep under the Rustbucket, he knocks out Grandpa Max, and absorbs some goggles that let you see a few minutes into the past. He later on fought Ben and the gang, but Ben won inevitably and very easily by scanning his DNA.


Ben 10: Alien Universe

Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • In Clancy Strikes Back! when Ben scans the DNA for Bugbite, Clancy is absorbed into the Omnitrix. This was indeed an error. Following the events of the episode, Clancy was put in a Plumber jailing facility in the Null Void.
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