Clad in Darkness was an experimental miniseries following the "rise of a villain/the fall of a hero", written by Stripes. The series was officially announced on March 31, 2013 and premiered on April 15, 2013.[1] The show eventually went on an indefinite hiatus on May 7, 2013, returning unannounced on November 16, 2013.




  • Shane Garfield (E1: narrator; E2, E3, E4, E6: narrator, E7)
  • Harry (E1; E2: narrator, E3, E4, E7)
  • Arabelle Lewis (E3, E4, E5, E7)
  • Nadine (E3, E4, E5: briefly narrator, E6, E7)
  • Ethan (E1: cameo; E2; E3: narrator, killed; E4: corpse)
  • Kai Green (E3, E4: narrator, E5: narrator, E7: cameo)


  • Ben Tennyson (E3, E4: brief)
    • Intel (E3)
  • Westside Appox Syndicate (E2, E3: cameo)
    • Appoplexian Appox (E2, E3: cameo)
  • Ascals (E1: flashbacks, E2: brief, E3, E4: brief)
    • Polymorph Ascal (E2: brief, E3, E4: brief)
    • Ascals (overlooking the speech in E3, E4: brief)
  • The Kove (E3)
    • Ethan Borek (E3)
    • Unnamed Kove Members (E3)
  • Southeast Spade Sisters (E5, E6, E7)
    • Spirit (E6, E7)
    • Syvillian (E5, E6, E7)
    • Amber (E5, E6, E7)
    • Unnamed Petrosapien Members (E5)
    • Unnamed Gourmand Member (E5)
    • Unnamed Armed Members (E6)
  • Aloysius Animo (E5: brief, E6, E7)

Other Characters

  • Julie Yamamoto (E1: flashback)
  • Gwen Tennyson (E1: flashback)
  • Kevin Levin (E1: flashback, killed by the Perfectation)
  • Vilgax (E1: flashback, killed by the Perfectation)
  • Azmuth (E1: flashback, hospitalized by Ben)


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  1. Zombie-boy will get you 20:40, April 22, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Alien Universe (alternate timeline featuring counterparts of some characters, from the same writer)
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