Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 2
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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A Rainy Day
Deep Below
City of Change is the second episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, another day, the sky is filled with clouds, not completely but enough to be noticeable but not enough to make it too dark in the city. The clouds are thick as well. Dark clouds. On the level of the streets, a woman is walking down the pavement. She's wearing a navy blue coat over a medium-tone grey sweater, a scarf, blue jeans, black boots and a brown bag over her shoulders. Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown. 

New York City
October 12, 8:10 EDT
The woman approaches an alley way and passes it slightly until a man wearing a brown coat and a white hoodie with the hood on stops her in her tracks. He has his right arm not in the coat sleeve. He is slightly shaking as well.

Woman: Sorry... Can I help you with something?

Man: Give me your money...

Woman: Wh-What?

Man, voice getting more and more distorted: I said give me your money!

The man then uses his right arm to grab and throw the woman into the alleyway. She falls onto the ground hardly and struggles to get up. She looks upwards at the hooded man who takes off his brown jacket revealing his mutated arm which is unnaturally muscular and with exposed muscle. The woman gasps and crawls backwards as the man approaches. His face is slightly disfigured as well.

Man, approaching her: I just need your money. It's not like there was a problem with the others.

Woman, finding it difficult to speak properly: You're a- You're a-

Man, approaching her: I know... I'm a freak. I'm a monster. That's why I need the money. Now quit being such a little crybaby and give me your stupid money! Money fixes problems. Money will fix my problem!

The man stops in front of her and the woman is breathing deeply, not responding. The sky is now completely cloudy as the alley way gets darker.

Man, getting upset: I said...

The man smashes a dumpster with his right arm with six consestant hits. He then turns sharply and faces the woman afterwards.

Man, yelling: GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!

The woman screams as the man raises his right arm in an attacking matter.

Drake, unseen: Hey!

The man turns around and looks up. He then sees a hoodie figure on the rooftop of the building to his side. Lightning strikes behind him within the clouds, which shows off more of the figure as the lightning provides a shade of light, as the thunder follows afterwards.

Hooded Figure: Back off.

Man: What are you going to do about it?

The Hooded Figure then jumps from the rooftop as thunder strikes once again. The figure then transforms his arm into an enlarged fist in which he uses it to secure his landing. The impact, knocks the man backwards slightly. After the impact, the man strikes at the hooded figure who dodges the attack and strikes the man with his enlarged fist. The man is thrown back by the punch. He quickly recovers and attempts for a second strike. The hooded figure, however, blocks his strike with his left arm. The figure then strikes him at the side with his other enlarged arm which sends him flying into the brick wall on the left side. The mutated man then falls against the wall and then leans there. The hooded figure then approaches the man, transforms his arms back to normal and places his left hand on the man's mutated arm. As a mechanical noise is heard, the woman looks at the two, still shocked after what just happened. With only the man's arm slightly in the focus as well as the figure's arm, the woman watches as the man's arm starts to shrink. Back in the focus, the man is seen, normal again.

Man, grabbing his right arm with his left arm: (gasps happily) I'm- I'm normal again. Th- Thank you! I mean it, thank-

The hooded figure then strikes the man in the face with his right fist. He then grabs him with his left arm and strikes him repetitively with his right arm. Over and over and over again. Continuously. The figure's face is slightly seen. Drake with an angry expression on his hidden face. Drake then stops and gets up from his hunched over, punching stance. He turns to face the woman in fear.

Drake, hooded: Are you hurt?

Woman, uneasily: N-No.

Drake, hooded: Get somewhere safe.

Man, weakly: Wh- (coughs) (coughs again) (breaths in) Who are you?

Drake, turning back to the man: I don't want to see you again. Am I clear?

The man nods weakly.

Drake, facing the man, hooded still: Get yourself together and then...

Thunder echoes in the skies above as it starts to rain softly.

Drake: Get out of my city.

Drake then delivers one more punch to the man's face, as seen from the man's point of view, which transitions to darkness.

Title Sequence

The city is seen again. It's still raining. A red car passes by an alleyway inbetween a large building and a smaller building. 

Apartment Building Alleyway
October 12, 10:28 EDT
Kate is seen standing in the alleyway, waiting, protected by the balcony above her. She looks around, both ways. She then turns her head to the street.

Kate, to herself: Come on... Where is he?

A figure then drops in from above behind her. Kate turns around upon hearing the impact and sees the hooded figure. Drake then takes off the hood from head, showing off his face. Kate walks over to him.

Kate, approaching him: Where were you? You were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago.

Drake: I got held up. Mutated criminals coming out into the open.

Kate: Wait. Wait. You were dealing with some mutant criminals and you didn't call me?

Drake: I thought you said you weren't working.

Kate: My boss, after recovering from the shock of hearing the fact that mutated creatures are roaming the Earth, decides to run my story about the figure that saved my life from one of the said mutated creatures who is also a mutated creature.

Drake: Guess you don't need help then.

Kate: Well uh- look, I still want to work with you.

Drake: I told you I'm not getting questioned.

Kate: No. No. Not like that. I mean, like- a partnership.

Drake looks at Kate confused.

Kate: Okay. You look confused. Let me explain myself. There is a whole new world out there and I have no idea how to report in it anymore.

Drake: Nothing really changed for me. Mutants have always existed. People know about them now. Nothing else changed.

Kate: Yeah and I'm people. This- (breaths out) This is huge, Drake. And you have a lot of work to do, I guess.

Drake: So?

Kate: So let's work together on it. I'll pick up the leads, we investigate them, you fight off the mutants and everyone wins.

Drake: So just do my job then but you get in my way all of the time.

Kate: No I'll be helping with your job and you'll be helping with mines. Not only do I get a story but you- you get to help people. I thought that's what you wanted.

Drake: Kate, I'm not a hero. I'm a mutant.

Kate: I know you're a mutant but you're a nice one.

Drake looks at Kate with a blank expression.

Kate: Well sort-of nice. Look, you need moral support, yeah? Well I can... (thinks about it) ...tutor you.

Drake: Tutor me?

Kate: Yeah like I teach you stuff- er things about the world while we work together.

Drake, uneasy: Okay...

Kate: Trust me, it's not going to be as complicated as it sounds.

Drake: I have a feeling it's going to get even more complicated than that.

Kate: (Sighs) (changing the subject) So where's this outpost they put you in? (excited) I bet it's hidden.

Drake: It's the building that has the word "MCA" on it.

Kate: (small laugh) You're joking, right?

Drake glares at Kate.

Kate: Guess not.

Drake: So any leads that I shoud look into?

Kate: Nothing yet but there are more and more mutant attacks occuring.

Drake: That's it?

Kate: Well aside from the new soda and some discussions in Washington D.C., nothing really. News is still shoken up about the whole knowing mutant exist sort of thing. They even misspelled DC on the paper with BC.

Drake: I'll check into it. The mutant thing. Let me know if you come up with anything else.

Kate: Cool. What's your number?

Drake: My number?

Kate: You have a phone, right?

Drake: ...uh-

Kate: Nevermind. We'll just meet here again, right?

Drake, walking off: I'll be early.

Kate: Really?

Drake, putting on his hood: Not really.

Drake then jumps up and climbs the ladder up a fire escape. Kate looks up and watches him climb up the fire escape. The scene transitions to later on to the MCA Building, a fenced off area with a white building surrounded by a yard. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
October 12, 11:12 EDT
Inside, Drake is seen, with his hood down, walking down the hallways. Agent Owens exits from a doorway, looking straight at the wall.

Owens: Drake.

Drake stops in his tracks and gives a defeated expression.

Drake: Agent.

Drake turns around and sees Agent Owens who turns to face him.

Owens: You went out again. Any explaination?

Drake: Mutants. I had to handle the situation.

Owens: And it took you over two hours?

Drake: What's it to you? Ever since we were put here, you've been asking me about what I do all the time.

Owens: As your trainer, I had direct instruction from the Director to watch over you in case you run into trouble. Did you, by the way?

Drake: No.

Owens: Good. Now prepare for training.

MCA Officer, entering the hallway: Agent Owens, the Director would like to have a word with you.

The scene cuts to the two facing a monitor with the Director on the screen.

Director, through the monitor: According to our latest data, the mutant population has shown to increase within the city. There is also an increase in mutant attacks which leaves most of our agents assigned with dealing with them. We believe the source of the increase is within your area however we have very little agents to send there. So, locate the source and contain it. Over and out.

The transmission then ends. Agent Owens then turns to Drake.

Owens: Looks like training is cancelled. We'll take the jumpjet and sweep the area for the source.

The scene cuts to the jumpjet flying over the city.

Owens, piloting the jumpjet: See anything?

Drake, looking outside the window: If I do, I'll let you know, Agent.

Owens then silently dismisses the comment and looks over at his window side.

Drake then looks around at the street below and then spots a big object moving quickly.

Drake: I see something.

Owens, piloting: Is it the source?

Drake: I'll find out.

Drake presses a button on the control panel and the door flies open.

Owens, piloting: Drake-

Drake jumps from the jumpjet.

Owens, piloting: -Drake! (sighs and turns his head back to the front window) I hate kids.

On the street, Drake slams into the street using his enlarged fists. He gets up and deactivates them, returning them to their normal arms. 

October 12, 11:34 EDT
He then goes over to the alleyway opening and approaches it. In the alleyway, Drake looks around for the moving object but there is nothing there aside from him, a dumpster and some loose trash like newspaper pages and cans with bottles. A small roaring hiss is heard behind him. Drake turns around and looks around. The hiss is heard again so Drake turns sharply towards the noise. A big figure is seen approaching him from behind. Drake then turns around and sees a creature quickly grab at him. The creature, hardly seen, pushes Drake against the brick wall, growling at him. Drake, recovering from the sudden slam, activates his enlarged fists and slams them against the creature's back. The creature drops Drake and falls on the ground. Drake then goes in for the strike but the creature backhands Drake into the brick wall as he falls from there, into the dumpster. In the dumpster, Drake hits his head against a thrown away piece of furniture. The scene then fades into darkness as a representation of Drake's vision. The scene now cuts to an apartment building. 
Palatial Valley Apartments
October 12, 12:00 EDT
 Inside, Kate is seen climbing the stairs. She approaches a door and reaches into her pocket. As she moves her hand around her pocket, a jingling noise is heard within her pocket. The door then opens before her and she looks up in surprise. At the doorway is a man. He's wearing a white buttoned shirt, a brown tie, black belt, dark pants, an expensive watch, gold, and black boots. He has blonde hair, short and straight, with blue eyes.

Kate: Oh... I wasn't expecting you to be here.

The man discards a police badge from his belt and displays it to Kate.

Man, showing off badge: Kate Wilson, I'm with the police. I'm afraid I'm going to have to continue searching your apartment.

Kate: No, please, I'm not in the mood for this.

Man, looking at badge: Does this badge not mean anything?

Kate: Dad, please. It's- It's been rough lately.

Mr. Wilson: I know. I'm just- I'm just trying to make it better, sweet heart. You know that, don't you?

Kate: Yeah. I know.

Mr. Wilson: Good.

They both stand there in silence for a short moment.

Kate: So... Can I come in, Detective?

Mr. Wilson: (small laugh) By all means. (moves to the side)

Kate enters through the doorway and the Detective closes the door behind him.

Detective Wilson: So how's the job? Surely the news should be back together out of all the jobs out there.

Kate: It's recovering but, yeah, it's back up and running. Boss is thinking about running my story.

Detective Wilson: It's not the one about the freaks, is it?

Kate: Dad...

Detective Wilson: No, I get it, it's just that, you know, they are ruining this city.

Kate: There's more going on than creatures causing chaos in the city.

Detective Wilson: That's not what I've seen. MCA is taking over most of time which means I'm going to be home more often.

Kate, uneasy: Yay?

Detective Wilson: Yes, Yay. What? You don't want me home anymore?

Kate: No it's not that. It's just- I'm working with somebody from work on this project so I didn't want to be somewhere while you're home.

Detective Wilson: It's alright, sweet heart. Just make sure you're home safe. And stay away from alleyways.

Kate is seen looking outside her apartment window.

Detective Wilson, continuing: All those freaks out there are hiding out somewhere. And there's no helping them. No matter how messed up they are.

The scene then cuts to Drake, with his hood down, on a sofa in a dark room. A humanoid figure is seen walking behind the sofa. The figure then comes to the front of the sofa and sits next to it. 

Apartment Building
October 12, 14:39 EDT
The scene focuses on Drake's face. Still out cold. After a moment, Drake's eyes then open. He springs upwards and gasps deeply.

Figure, jumping from his seat: Whoa!

Drake, looking around: Where am I?

Figure: Lights on.

The lights then activate, brightening the room. Drake squints his eyes and quickly adjusts to the light. He turns to the figure who is actually a teenage boy. He's wearing a blue, military jacket, a purple-indigo shirt, brown pants and white sneakers. He has brown hair and brown eyes. There's also some type of robotic eyepiece/visor on his ear.

Drake: Who are you? What did you do to me?

Boy: Just-Just calm down. Oh my gosh this is so awesome.

Drake: Who are you? I'm not going to ask again.

Boy: Right um sorry. I'm John. John Reed. I'm the one that sort of fixed you up.

Drake looks confused. He tries to get up but then feels pain. He looks down and sees a cloth positioned at his side with a strap around his waist to keep it in position.

Drake, holding the spot: What happened?

John: Well, I found you in a dumpster in an alleyway. I go there every day to pick up on materials.

John wonders off to the other side of the living room.

Drake: Materials? What for?

John, going through tools: I'm an inventor. Sort of. I build little things. That's what I get from working with technology too much.

Drake: You also pick up guys from dumpsters.

John, turning to face Drake: That... That too. (goes over to the sofa) How are you feeling?

Drake: In pain. Like always.

John: Ah. You're one of those guys.

Drake: What guys?

John: Um... Emo?

Drake: What is that?

John: Nevermind. I shouldn't judge people in dumpsters.

Drake: How did you fix me?

John: I volunteer as a part time nurse.

Drake turns his head slowly to face John with a confused glare.

John: I know. I know. Nurses are usually girls but when you have to pay rent, anything goes.

Drake: How long have I been out?

John: Hours.

Drake, struggling to get off the sofa: I have to go.

John: No. No, no- You can't go now. You're still healing. Ridiciously fast, actually.

Drake: I can't stay here. There are people looking for me.

John: Why? Because you're a mutant?

Drake stops and then looks up at John.

John: I did a Nanogene scan on you while you were asleep.

Drake: How can you do that?

John: Inventor, remember? I've been following different sciences for a while now including Nanogenes. And while they never exactly hit the shelves, there was data and information to work from. But there's not enough research so all I can do is analyze, really.

Drake: What did you find?

John: I found something truly amazing and game-changing. Out of the Nanogene samples I scanned for, but couldn't accquire because of the dumb Mutation Containment Agency, your sample is, by far, the most different and spectacular.

Drake looks at John with a very lost expression.

John, picking up on Drake's expression: Alright. Alright. You seem confused. Let me show you the scan.

John taps the side of his eyepiece and grabs a tablet on the other couch. He gives it to Drake. On the tablet, there are small, circular, metallic objects with strange, technic symbols enscribed within them. Between the devices is a red space.

Drake: These look like the samples from the tests they gave me.

John: Those are Nanogenes. I've never actually seen a real one. These are just images of the ones inside you. Compared to the others, your Nanogenes don't communicate with each other but they communicate as a whole.

Drake: What does that mean?

John: You can communicate with your Nanogenes. Now that might not be such a surprise and I'm sure others can too but it's like you can command your Nanogenes to activate in a certain way. An ability that I don't believe is present within any other Mutant I've seen.

Drake: You've seen other Mutants? Up close?

John: At the hospital, actually. It was closed off when MCA believed there was an virus spreading there. I'm just waiting for my last paycheck until they reopen again. (moving hands around in the air as if sliding various things) Some of the communication patterns appear like Biometrics or, more specifically, Blueprints.

Drake: Blueprints? Those things used to build things?

John: Yeah... Usually a biometric would contain the biological information of a specimen such as DNA. If I'm correct, the Nanogenes function with the DNA of the affected person. Which explains why they mutate into, well, Mutants. Based on the data I collected from you, you have the ability to control your own DNA. I mean, how cool is that?

Drake: Cool? Like cold?

John: No, like cool. You know what cool means, right?

Drake: Uh...

John: Boy, you're going to need more help than I thought.

Drake: You talk about my Nanogenes like there's a problem or something.

John: Well some of the Nanogenes are unreponsive and, if I look closer, I can see that the activation isn't at its fullest. Which means you have some errors in your biometrics.

Drake: Errors?

John: Yeah, it's like when you alter your DNA, you can only a limited amount of it rather than all of it.

Drake: How many more are there?

John: Hm? Oh um I'm not sure. The technological structure seems to support a lot of data and if that data is DNA then you're going to have a lot of fun when we get that working.

Drake: Why would you help me? I'm a mutant.

John: Everyone's a mutant, dude. You're just more of a mutant than everyone else.

Drake: What do you mean, "Everyone's a mutant"?

John: Ah. Yes. Well, um- You see, there's something I forgot to mention. I did a scan of non-Mutants, regular people, and it turns out they have Nanogenes in them as well. Dormaint, of course. Which means, they aren't activated.

Drake: But they can be activated.

John: Yeah. Everyone and Anyone could become a Mutant. Even me.

Drake, getting up from the sofa: No- I have to go now.

John: Wait- No, you can't-

Drake then falls over and lands against the floor.

John: You alright?

Drake: ...ow.

John: If you want to go, I'm going to have to come with you.

Drake: No.

John: Look, your problem isn't physical. It's biological. If you walk outside that door, you have a chance of your Nanogenes acting against you and you'll just get yourself killed out there.

Drake, thinking, still lying on the floor: Fine... (gets up) But you're going to do exactly what I say when you follow me around.

John: Great because you're going to follow me around.

Drake: What?

John: I have to watch over your Nanogenes but I also have to do something. Don't worry. You'll probably be okay, physically, by the time we're finished.

Drake: (sighs) Okay. Fine. Let's just go. I hate small spaces.

John: To the Pizza Shop!

The scene cuts to a Pizzeria named Daryl's Pizza. 

Daryl's Pizza
October 12, 15:12 EDT
Drake and John are seen approaches the Pizzeria as John carries Drake by holding his side while Drake's arm is over his shoulder. Inside the Pizzeria, there are tables with wooden chairs, a jukebox, some arcade machines near the back, the counter, a brick oven and an entrance to the kitchen behind the counter, those little boxes filled with napkins, condiments, restaurant stuff.

Drake: What is this? A mess hall?

John: Mess Hall? Dude, this is a restaurant backslash Pizza Shop. It's where you eat food, mainly pizza.

Drake: Pizza...

John: I'll get you a slice. There's someone I need you to meet.

The two make their way over to the arcade machines. At one of them is a man who is currently playing the arcade machine. He's wearing a light grey hoodie, blue pants and white sneakers with red markings around them. He has brown hair, messy, and brown eyes.

Man, playing arcade machine: What do you want?

John: It's me, John.

Man, playing arcade machine: Oh. Hey.

John: Did you find anything today?

Man, playing arcade machine: No. Not today.

John: Ah. Right.

Drake: What-

Man: Dang it! Stopped right at Level 29. Must be lacking today. (turns around) (notices Drake) Who's he?

John: He's uh- helping me out with an experiment. Sort of.

Man: Oh.

Drake: Who are you?

John: Sorry, um- I forgot to introduce you two. This is The Dude.

Drake: The Dude?

John: Yeah.

Drake: What type of name is that?

The Dude: It's not a name, amateur. It's a title. A title that I earned respectfully from my high understanding of reality and video games.

John: It's like he's the Dude. Everytime you hear the word, Dude, it's him you're talking about. Not the person you're talking to. Because he's The Dude! Get it?

The Dude: I am the Dude.

Drake: Okay...

John: Dude actually means like a guy. Like "What's up, Dude" or "Hey, Dude". I was just being well poetic.

The Dude: I appreciate it. (eats chips)

Man behind Counter: Is that outside food?

The Dude: No, I bought it from here.

Man behind Counter: It'd better be. (to John) Hey John. I got your slice ready. As usual. (goes into kitchen)

John: Thanks! (goes to get pizza)

The Dude: Guy doesn't even sell chips. (eats chips)

John, coming back to the two: Alright. I got a slice ready for you. I'm not that hungry so you can have it.

Drake then grabs the paper plate with the greasy stains and the cheese dripping slice of pizza on it.

Drake: This isn't poisonous, right?

The Dude: Poisionous? Pizza is one of the greatest things created in this universe.

Drake: Whatever. This probably tastes like-

Drake bites into the pizza and instantly stops talking. He then shallows the bitten piece and stares out.

John: Um. Are you alright?

Drake: This tastes like something I never had before. It tastes-

John: Good?

Drake: Yeah. It tastes good.

Drake then looks up from the slice of pizza and notices a guy at the counter drinking from a soda can. The man then drops the soda can, spilling its liquid contents on the floor, and holds himself in pain. Drake looks confused by this. The man then starts to mutant and then transforms into a Mutant. The citizens in the Pizza Shop start screaming and run out of the shop.

The Dude, noticing the mutant: Whoa...

John, noticing the mutant as well: Where did that thing come from?

Drake: Someone in here mutated. Get back.

The mutant then roars out and grabs a table. He throws it at the three.

John: Look out!

John pushes Drake out of the way and The Dude gets hit by the table. He falls against the floor, out cold. The mutant roars out again.

Drake: John, you didn't have to do that.

John: Oh right. I forgot. Mutants don't attack other Mutants.

Drake: No. That's not it. (gets up)

Josh: Huh?

Drake: It's because I can defend myself.

Drake then activates his Nanogenes and transforms his arms into enlarged fists.

Josh: Whoa... Awesome!

Drake then strikes at the mutant who is thrown into the wall. The mutant charges right at Drake who blocks off the mutant by holding its shoulders with his arms. He then ignites his hands which causes the mutant to roar in pain. Drake then releases his hold the mutant and prepares to strike it again but his right fist reverts back into its normal form causing Drake to miss the strike. The mutant then attempts to strike Drake who dodges out of the way. Drake then uses his left fist to strike the mutant into the counter. Drake's left fist then reverts back into its normal form.

Drake, looking at his arms: What's happening to me?

John: Like I said, some of your Nanogenes are becoming dysfunctional which means you won't be able to do that all of the time.

Drake: When can I do it?

John: I'm not sure. Whenever they start communicating again.

Drake looks back at his hands. He then approaches the mutant and places his hand on it. As if interacting with the mutant, Drake causes the mutant to transform back into the man. John, atonsihed, reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out his technic visor. He inserts it into his ear, presses the side and a small holographic screen covers his left eye. He then looks at Drake. The mutant then completely transforms back into the man again.

John: How did you do that? Is that even possible? You- You cured him. I didn't know you could do that.

Drake: We just met. I didn't know you.

John: Still. You have to tell me.

Drake: It's something I always knew how to do. I was taught to improve on that ability which eventually became a cure, I think.

Drake notices John looking all over him.

Drake: What are you doing?

John: I'm scanning you again. I saw the Nanogenes interact with the ones within the mutant. Apparently, your Nanogenes communicate with the other Nanogenes within the mutant causing them to become dormant again. Ha!

Drake: What?

John: Nothing. Sorry. It's just that it'd be cool if your Nanogenes could do the same thing with technology then you'd be able to like hack into anything. (looks at the man) Well that's new.

Drake: What is it?

John, kneeling: This man has some new Nanogenes. Same design just slighly different. They actually seem naturally inorganic. Like it was grown but machine.

Drake then turns to the man and notices the soda can next to him. He kneels down and grabs the soda can.

Drake, reading the label on the front: "Fizz Slam" "Made to make you different."

John, getting up from the ground: Ah yeah. That's the new soda.

Drake: I've heard. (Getting an idea) Let me see that thing in your ear.

John: My earpiece? Uh- sure. (takes out earpiece) Be careful with it.

John gives the earpiece to Drake who holds it in his hands. Drake then closes his eyes. His hands then glow slightly as it interacts with the technology. Drake then opens his eyes and notices this. Pieces are code are seen flashing through his eyes. He then blinks and they're gone. Drake then hands the device back to John.

John: What did you just do?

Drake: I hacked into your earpiece. Now I know how to analyze Nanogenes.

John, putting the earpiece back in his pocket: Can you do that?

Drake: I just did.

Drake then grabs the Fizz Slam can and analyzes it by "hacking" it.

Drake, finishing hacking: This can is infested with Nanogenes, active.

Drake gets up from the ground and notices a can on the counter. He grabs that and hacks it.

Drake, finishing hacking: This one also has active Nanogenes in it.

John: But that's not possible. That can is closed. Nobody could have put any Nanogenes in it.

Drake: They must have done it before they were canned.

John: At the soda facility?

Drake: Yeah. Where is it?

John: I'm coming with you.

Drake: No, you're not. You've helped me enough today.

John: And you trashed my hang out joint so I have nowhere else to go today. Might as well go with you.

Drake: We don't have time to talk about this.

John: Then let's get going.

Drake glares at John.

Drake: You're only coming because I don't know where it is. Understood?

John: Whatever you say, guy.

The two then exit the Pizzeria as the scene focuses on The Dude still lying on the floor.

The Dude, coming to: ...Ow.

The scene then cuts to the back of a facility where there are two trucks in the parking lot and a door leading into the facility. There are some crates and boxes around the entrance. 

Fizz Slam Loading Bay
October 12, 15:44 EDT
 The two are then seen approaching a truck, currently unloading its supplies. There are no workers in the area.

John: I wonder where all the workers are.

Drake: It's better if nobody sees us.

John: I know that. I was just, y'know, wondering.

Drake activates his crystalized fingers which retract into sharp objects. He then shreds open a sealed package revealing stacked Fizz Slam soda cans. Drake deactivates his sharp claws and places his hand on the cans. He analyzes them by hacking the structure for a short moment.

Drake, finishing hacking: There are active Nanogenes in all of these cans. They've been there for a while now. About an hour and a half.

John: We have to shut down the facility before anyone ships these out.

Drake: Agreed.

John: I also did a quick scan before we got here. No mutant activity in the area.

Drake: It must have escaped.

John: You think a mutant is responsible for this?

Drake: The one that attacked me and threw me into a dumpster. If I stopped him then, this wouldn't have happened.

John: You have to focus on what's at stake now rather than before. Anyways, if there's no mutant here than where would it go?

Drake: Why did it infect the soda? Why not something else?

John: A lot of people drink soda.

Drake: So it wanted a lot of people to get infected.

John: But this is the last Fizz Slam facility in Manhattan. It can't infect any more sodas until the rest of the facilities open up next week.

Drake: So what's something that a lot of people- no, what's smething that everyone drinks that isn't soda.

John, realizing: Oh no. He's going to the water reserve.

The scene cuts to a facility by the water front. 

Manhattan Water Reserve
October 12, 16:00 EDT
At the entrance to the facility, Drake and John arrive.

Drake, putting up his hood: This is the water reserve?

John: We don't really need one like a small town since this is a city. We usually get our water elsewhere but this maintains the water pumping from the Hudson River and I suppose water that we eventually use to, well, make bottled water that people drink. People also shower in this stuff.

Drake: I know what water is, John.

John: Just making sure.

Drake: Alright. You need to go. I can handle the mutant inside.

John: In your condition, you'll be dead if you go against that thing.

Drake: I don't have a choice and I can't stay here so you can heal me or whatever it is.

John: I think I'm close to finding out what's wrong with your Nanogenes. I just need more time.

Drake: We don't have time, John. If we both go in there, there's no chance I can protect you and stop it.

John: Sounds like we need back up or-or something.

Drake: (sighs deeply) I have back up.

John: What?

Drake: Let me see your earpiece.

John removes the earpiece from his pocket and hands it to Drake. Drake then hacks into the earpiece and puts it on his ear.

Drake: What was it again? 0F19A473?

The earpiece then picks up a transmission as if it was entered in.

Agent Owens, over the earpiece: -and there is still no sign of him, Director.

Drake: Agent.

Owens, over the earpiece: Drake? How did you get into this line?

Drake: Nevermind that. I need- I need-

Drake looks at John who looks uneasy.

Drake: (sighs) I need your help.

Owens, over the earpiece: Where are you?

Drake: I'm at the water reserve. I've found the source of the rapid Mutant increase. It's a mutant that was contaminating the new soda supply but now I think it's going to infect the water.

Owens, over the earpiece: I'm on my way. Wait there.

The transmission ends.

John: So... How'd it go?

Drake: He'll be here. We need to go now before it gets to the main supply line.

John: Got it.

They get the entrance which is locked as the two realize when John tries the door.

John: It's locked.

Drake: Let me try something.

John moves out of the way and Drake places his hand on the keycard panel. He hacks the panel and the door unlocks with a buzz. John, followed by Drake, run into the facility. In the pipe room, the two look around as there is a platform leading through forwards, protected with metallic railings but surrounded by various pipes. A low growling noise is heard throughout the room. The two continue carefully. Around the corner, the two see a big, Asparagus-green colored, mutant creature. It's skin is slimey and its shape is nearly humanoid but its back is hunched over. On its back, are four bubbles filled with a green ooze. The mutant is holding onto the sides of an open tank, filled with processed water.

John, quietly: What's it doing?

One of the bubbles on its back shrinks back into the mutant's back and moves up its throat as it slimes out of the mutant's mouth and into the water supply. The bubble then blends into the water as it slowly releases the ooze contained within it which mixes into the water.

Drake, quietly: It's contaminating the water supply. That must be the source.

John, quietly: Incredible... Digusting but incredible. A carrier mutant. Interesting.

They continue watching the mutant.

John, quietly: That's only the processed water though, which means we can stop it from getting to the public.

Drake, quietly: But it still has the main water supply to contaminate. I have to stop it now before it continues.

Drake gets out from behind the corner and runs at the mutant. A mechanical sound is heard and he yells out in pain. Drake then falls on the ground. The carrier mutant then notices this and turns its attention to the fallen Drake.

John: Drake, get out of there.

Drake, struggling: I... can't! I can't feel my legs.

The carrier mutant then charges at Drake and strikes at him with its arm but the strike is blocked by a metallic blade pressed against another blade held by Agent Owens who stands before Drake, defending him.

Owens: Move. Now.

John then comes from the corner and helps Drake up. They both then move out of the way as Owens continues blocking the strike. Owens, noticing he moved out of the way, pushes the carrier mutant back. The mutant roars out at Owens. Owens keeps back with his blades in hand.

Owens: You wasn't wrong about the mutant, Drake. (noticing John) Who is this?

John: I'm uh- John. John Reed. I was helping your guy here.

Owens: You were under direct orders to be as discreet as possible.

Drake: I was but I was attacked by the carrier mutant and I was hurt really bad. John helped me and I wouldn't have known about the source without him.

The mutant roars out again. It then runs off.

Owens: We'll talk about this later. Move.

Drake: I can't. My legs-

John quickly removes the earpiece from his pocket and places it in his ear. He taps the side of it and the holographic screen comes up.

John, scanning,carrying Drake: Your biometrics are acting up again. It's like your Nanogenes are trying to communicate but something is blocking them from doing so

Drake: How do you unblock them?

John, carrying Drake: Have you considered electromagnetic acupuncture?

Drake: Electromagnetic what?

John pulls out a small handheld device from his pocket with has a black grip around the handle, a trigger, a cartridge at the front and a probe also at the front. The device looks similar to a small taser. John grabs the device strongly and stabs the probe into Drake's leg.

Drake, yelling out in pain: AHH!

John, carrying Drake: Sorry. Sorry. I just need to-

John squeezes the trigger on his device which sends an electric pulse into Drake's leg. Drake yells out once more in pain. His legs start to move again.

Drake: What did you just do to me?

John, carrying Drake: I just reset your leg.

Owens: It looks like the "carrier" mutant is escaping towards the west side of the facility.

John: West? That's where the water front is.

Drake: I have to stop it.

John: You're in no condition to fight it.

Drake: I have to.

John: Alright fine. If you don't make it in time, there's a panel on the gateway that cuts off the main water supply from interacting with the river. You can cut it off from there by hacking the panel.

Owens: You can do it, Drake.

Drake nods and then limbs off quickly to the mutant.

Owens, to John: He can do it, can he?

John: I guess we'll see.

The scene cuts to the main water line where in the open area, a large tank of water is seen expanding out towards this gateway which stands between the facility and the water outside of Manhattan. 

Main Water Supply
October 12, 16:34 EDT
Drake exits from the building and sees the carrier mutant unload its ooze into the main water supply.

Drake: No!

The carrier mutant tries its head to face Drake who approaches the mutant, now running. Drake then activates his enlarged fists and strikes the Mutant away from the water, into a set of pipes. Drake looks at the main water supply and sees the ooze rise to the surface, already mixed in with the water within the area it was added in. The contaminated water then moves towards to the gateway. Drake, noticing this, makes his way to the gateway. Drake's limb then heals faster as his speed increases. He then catches up with the contaminated water as they both approach the gateway. The ooze then starts to get ahead of Drake. Drake's heartbeat is then heard dramatically as he approaches the gateway in the far distance. The scene fades off into a flashback of a Young Drake running after a ball in at the school yard. 

School Yard
7 Years Ago
He runs faster but the balls ends up in the street. He then stops at the pavement, looking out into the busy street. The tall kid goes after Drake.

Tall Kid: What happened? Are you ok?

Young Drake: The ball went into the street. I guess I wasn't fast enough.

Tall Kid: I'll help you out.

Young Drake: No. I want to get it myself.

Tall Kid: You're going to get hurt. There's nothing wrong with asking someone else for help.

Young Drake: There isn't?

Tall Kid: No way. Come on, let's go ask a teacher for help.

Young Drake: Alright.

The two of them then walk back into the school yard together as the scene fades back into the scene with Drake running next to the main water supply. Drake's legs then move faster as the focus enhances on his legs until the inactive Nanogenes within him are seen. The Nanogenes then start communicating with each other again and start to activate. The scene focuses out of the legs and shows off Drake's legs as a surge of power flows into his legs. As a mechanical noise is heard, his legs start to take the shape of a more technic form as his feet widden into a board-like shape. A technical design is enscribed on the "board" and it becomes alive with light and hovers from the ground.

Drake, noticing this: Whoa. A new form? How does this work?

Drake then leans forwards and his speed increases. Drake then looks up and leans forwards more. He then speeds past the contaminated water which had also gained speed and eventually makes it to the gateway. Drake then deactivates his new form and places his hand on the panel. He hacks into the panel which, in effects, starts to close the gateway. The contamination continues speeding towards the closing doors. Drake then activates the board form again and lifts upwards, sending a force that pushes the contamination back slightly, in time for the doors to close and lock, sealing off the contamination. Drake then deactivates his board form again and lands on the side. He then sits down and lays on the platform. The scene then transitions to the outside of the water reserve facility. The jumpjet is seen parked in front of the building, Drake is seen sitting on the steps with John and Agent Owens is talking to the MCA Officers that had arrived. The other officers are entering the building.

Owens, going to the two: MCA is investigating the contamination. For now, the water reserve is on quarintine until the mess is cleaned up. And while you disobeyed orders, Drake, you did complete the mission.

Drake: I did but I wouldn't have be able to without- without help. Thank you... Owens.

Owens raises an eyebrow.

John: So um what about me? Heh.

Owens: You have two choices, Mr. Reed. One, you come with us for a long evaluation and detailed report of the events that occured here then prepare to be placed under strict conditions that limit you from risking the operations being developed at MCA.

John: And option two?

Owens looks at Drake.

Owens: You get evaluated at MCA and- work with us to conduct biological research on Nanogenes.

John: I'm just not sure if I can handle- wait did you just ask me to work with you?

Owens, correcting: For. I've seen what you can do with Nanogenes and I've brought it to The Director's attention. We are limited in the feild of Nanogenes and can use all the help we can. Of course, your research was known beforehand but, until now, we weren't sure about having you onboard. Without you, Drake wouldn't have gotten the help he needed. Your role would be as a scientist dealing with medicial and biological issues for him. Your expensives will be covered and you will be provided with the nessercary resources.

John, with a loss for words: Wow. I- I- I don't know what to say. Um- Ah- Tha- Thank you.

Owens: I take it you take Option 2, then. Good. Prepare to come in to work by 5 tommorow morning.

Owens then turns around and goes into the jumpjet. As soon as he does, John punches the air.

John: Yes!

Drake: I thought you didn't like MCA.

John: I didn't but now they're offering me resources so I can develop my research. Become the inventor I always wanted to be. This is a big moment, my friend. This is life-changing.

Drake: Drake.

John: What?

Drake: My name is Drake. I think you deserve that from me, at least.

John: Well it looks like we're going to be seeing each other a lot more than you think.

Drake: Yeah. Now you're my nurse.

John: Shoot. (remembering something) Oh, by the way, it seems your Nanogenes started communicating again so I don't think you'll have any functionality issues anytime soon.

Drake, getting up: Good.

John: Where are you going?

Drake: There are still people out there getting attacked by mutants but not on MCA's radar. Someone has to do something and now I can again. (placing his hood on) See you at the base.

Drake then activates his board form again and hovers off with increased speed.

MCA Officer: Drake just ran off. I repeat, Drake has ran off.

Owens, coming out of the jumpjet: Find him. Be discreet.

John: So much for a normal career.

John then places his hands in his pockets and walks off. The scene then fades to the underground fortress. 

New Haven
October 12, 17:45 EDT
 Shadow Hound approaches the throne.

Shadow Hound, kneeling before the throne: Master, your plan has suceeded. The Nanogene Carrier has infected hundreds of Humans on the surface.

Ryden, unseen, in the throne: Excellent. Soon, we shall return to the position we were in before our progress had been lost. Then everything will proceed as planned.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake meets John and The Dude
  • Drake gains a better understanding of Nanogenes from John
  • Drake unlocks the Techno-Speed
  • The Mutant Population increases on the surface
  • John becomes Drake's personal medic

Minor Events

  • Drake tries Pizza for the first time.



  • Carrier Mutant (First Appearance)
  • Infected Humans (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x3)
  • Crystal Claws (x1)
  • Techno-Speed (First Appearance) (x3)


  • The misprint in the newspaper that Kate mentioned, spelling Washington D.C. with a B rather than D, is an allusion towards the second episode of Ben 10Washington B.C.
  • Daryl's Pizza is an allusion towards Daryl Sabara, the main voice actor for Rex Salazar.


  • The scene at the beginning of the episode was originally meant to be at the end of the first episode.
  • The Director and Detective Wilson were planned on not being included in this episode but the plot was changed to include them.
  • Kate's apartment building was originally going to be called Inquisitive Valley.
  • This episode, mainly the scene in which Drake meets John, had been inspired by the episode, Cut Man, from the series, Daredevil.
  • Fizz Slam was originally going to be called "Fizz Pop" but it seemed too generic to the writer.
  • The moral of the episode is that it's not wrong to get help from others.
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