Cibus is a character in the series Plumbers. Cibus is Peixes's best friend. Cibus always appears as the second part of Peixes's friends trio.


Cibus is very stupid and he loves to eat. He mostly hits everyone with his giant tail when he turns around but that isn't his fault. He usually kills Papiro. Decibel sometimes says to Cibus to look on something so he could hit anyone next to him.


Cibus uses only his super eating, almost never his electricity and not on purpose his strength.

  • Can eat anything and digest it
  • Shooting electricity from his hands
  • Hit people with his giant tail


  • Clumsy and hits everything
  • Small arms
  • Stupid (only him)

Species and Planet

Species: Mordidan

Planet: Selva


Cibus is exactly like Megabite.


Cibus has appeared in every single episode, like Peixes .

Simien 10: Polyverse

Cibus was mentioned in The Polytrix, Part 2, as his name was used as a code for Simien to turn into Megabite.

It is confirmed that Cibus is the DNA source of the Polytrix's Mordidan sample, alongside Sartan being Crushtacean's DNA source and Retrecir being Shrinktech's. He might have a cameo in Plumber Training.


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