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General Information
Species ½ Perk Gourmand
½ Splixson
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Solid Matter Ingestion
Explosive Vomit
Acid/Slime Spit
Strong Prehensile Tongues
Strong Teeth
Swarm Gastronomy
Space Survivability
Self Duplication
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Underwater Respiration
First Appearance Dillon Million: Omniforce


Chunplex is the combination of Perk Chunder's and Duplex's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biatomnitrix.


Chunplex has the basic body of Chunder with Duplex's facial markings and whiskers. He also wears Duplex's jumpsuit with a black belt that holds three gem-like orbs. There are four more of these gem-like orbs on Chunplex's arms, two on each arm.

The Biatomnitrix symbol is located on Chunplex's forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Having Chunder's DNA, Chunplex possesses a large mouth, strong teeth, strong prehensile tongues, and has the ability ingest solid matter and chunder it out as explosive balls of liquids that can be expelled with great accuracy.

Having Duplex's DNA, Chunplex has the ability to clone himself with no limit.

The raised blue bumps on Chunplex's body are sensor nodes, which can create a sensory web around the Chunplex clones. This sensory web allows the clones to share a connection with each other.

Unlike Duplex, Chunplex's clones only feel a small amount of the same pain and are more durable.


Chunder has a limit to how many big objects he can swallow at once.

Chunder's clone share a minimum link with each other, if one Chunplex is hurt, all the others feel not the same amount of pain but at least a small amount of pain.


Dillon Million: Omniforce


  • Chunplex's name is a combination of Chun and plex.