Chthonian is a jack-of-all-stats Alien in Imad 10, the DNA sample of a prime Diamondsapien native to planet Qurystarion.

General Info: Diamondsapiens are among the oldest species of crystalline sapient beings in the Milky Way. They're comprised of many sub-species, each characterized by a unique body color and composition, as well as culture. Despite that, they're open-minded and hospitable beings who established solid bonds with the other local tribes. Most Diamondsapien societies are established around a noble code of conduct, one that compels them to lend assistance to any creature in need, similar to desert dwellers on Earth, due to their planet's soil being quite harsh and inhospitable to aliens. Honor and respect, even to their adversaries, is an important tenet of their civilization' while mostly peaceful, they will fight quite well to protect their lands and loved ones.

Diamondsapiens are carbon-copies (or in this case, silicon copies) of Petrosapiens, close evolutionary relatives. Similar to them, they can generate chunks of crystal from various parts of heir body, as well as reshape their limbs into different forms and possess limited regenerative abilities. Depending on the shape taken, their crystals can absorb a wide array of light-waves, from nightlights to lasers, before multiplying their potency and refracting them, but remain fragile and weak against powerful sonic vibrations.

Ultimate Form

Ultimate Chthonian is this alien's Ultimate form.

Ult Cht

This alien's body shape is roughly similar to its original form, but with more prominent edges. The torso, feet and top of the head are now made of hard volcanic rock with fiery veins passing through them.

This alien's body is formed from very tough Volcanic Crystal that's impervious to sound waves, unlike its original form. He can generate a lot more crystals from his body or nearby, in addition to having much better control over them, including telekinetic control that enables him to lift said crystals midair; he can fire explosive crystal shards at a much faster rate than before. Finally, this alien can absorb and refract many forms of energy energy under the form of heat rays, or just fire said rays without having to absorb incoming energy in the first place.

Trivia: This alien's first appearance in fighting off Xadim is based on Ben 10 Alien Force's episode Vengeance of Vilgax, when Diamondhead was used against the alien conqueror.

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