Chronospect is an alternate dimension that is time-defiant, allowing for time to pass regardless of what happens beyond it. The contents of the dimension are dependent on who is entering it.


Chronospect, also known as Chronon, is a planet that houses species (including Vigilanuums) who have temporal abilities. It is well-known for being a place where time passes much slower than Earth, due to the fact that it is the sole part of one time-based dimension. It exists outside of space and time and is inescapable as well as inaccessible by those not of the Vigilanuum species, and exists as one across every timeline (meaning there are no alternate Chronospects; everything that happens in one Chronospect happens in the other, and if one person and that one person's alternate were to come to Chronospect, they would meet since there is only one Chronospect), making it an ideal location for a cross-dimensional jail.

Known Inhabitants

Known Inhabitants

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