Chronosapien Time Bomb
Chronosapien Time Bomb.png
Creator Chronosapiens
User(s) Chronosapiens
Type Weapon of Mass Destruction

Chronosapien Time Bombs are a type of super-weapon created by the Chronosapiens at the height of the Heaven Wars in Earth-1010. At this point only two have been known to exist, both of which were detonated at some point.


The Chronosapien Time Bomb used by Vilgax bore a resemblance to a bronze Chronosapien's head.


The first Time Bomb was created by the Chronosapiens in Eon's Dimension during the Heaven Wars, back when Eon's Dimension was still considered the 'Prime Dimension'. One of the Time Bombs was detonated accidentally, removing the Chronosapiens from every timeline (except Eon's Dimension), destroying their home planet, and ravaging Eon's Dimension. As a result, the Chronosapiens built the Crucible to escape the Heaven Wars.

A second, more advanced Chronosapien Time Bomb was developed at an unknown time later. Maltruant got a hold of it and gave it to Vilgax. It was later detonated during the Eon Crisis, before its effects were undone by Clockwork.


The first Chronosapien Time Bomb was a rather crude prototype. Instead of attacking the multiverse directly, it was designed to instead remove instances of objects or species from the multiverse. To this end it could be used to remove opposing species from existence in one go, or even erase their weapons and defences if they were needed alive.

Although the second Time Bomb was more advanced, its effects also changed drastically. It no longer removed a certain object or species from the multiverse, but instead wiped out the entire rest of the multiverse (from that point in time forwards, it did not erase entire timelines). The user would be protected from the effects of the device. It also did not destroy the planet and timeline it was used in, meaning its effects could be safely undone by any present Chronosapien.


The Chronosapien Time Bombs have yet to directly appear in any Earth-1010 series.

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