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Chronosapiens are a mysterious race of mechanical, chronokinetic aliens. By the nature of their abilities, time remains in perpetual flux around them. Many books written on their past contradict one another in no small part. Certainty is not a word that applies to them. History is not a word they respect.

In some timelines, the Chronosapiens evolved from organic breeds put under intense environmental pressures. In others, they are artificial- built by some forgotten scientific superpower. In many, they simply appeared.

In some realities they hail from a dying world known as Temporus. In other corners of the multiverse they live in a mighty time machine built to save them from extinction. In most timelines, their fight for self-preservation is being lost against a universe trying to set itself straight.

The Chronosapiens are an incredibly powerful race, much of the time the limits of their abilities are left down to how much the individual understands their own powers (which is often poorly). This, in the end, has proven to be their downfall. Find any two timelines where the history of the Chronosapien race is the same, and you will have found proof of their extinction at long last.


Chronosapiens are made of metal and have a translucent window on their body which displays their innards, which appear to be various gears. They have a round, short head with a semi-circular appendage on top. When moving, Chronosapiens produce gear-like sounds.

In John Smith 10, Clockwork's body is an outer shell, with a time spirit, which acts like its soul, inside. It's predator, Trans-Chrono Panthera, has the ability to suck out this time spirit from its body.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Time Ray (that sends things back in time)
  • Time Ray (that ages things)
  • Time Travel
  • Past Viewing


Chronosapiens appear to be fragile, and easily damaged. Their metallic bodies can be broken by sufficient force, and they can fall into a powered-down state in which the light in their torso goes off and they cease moving. Their armour can be penetrated by hot force like laser beams as seen in Inspector #13. They are also really slow

Notable Chronosapiens[]

Evolved Chronosapiens[]

Chronosapien Hybrids/Fusions[]

Carl 10: Ultimaverse[]

His Chronosapien is Clackwork. In Ultra Ben, Clockwork is one of the main aliens in his Matrix. However, there is a Chronosapien king who hates Paradox.

Ben Ten: Heroes of All Ages[]

In this crossover between Ben Ten and Ben 10: Hero of All Ages, the Chronosapiens, gone rogue, are slaves to Timelord and Eon, battling BT Ben, BTHOAA Ben and Paradox.