Ben Tennyson's sample of Chronosapien, Clockwork.

Chronosapiens are a species of chronokinectic aliens from an unknown planet.


Chronosapiens are made of metal and have a translucent window on their body which displays their innards, which appear to be various gears. They have a round, short head with a semi-circular appendage on top. When moving, Chronosapiens produce gear-like sounds.

Only male Chronosapiens have been seen, so it's unknown what female Chronosapiens look like.

In John Smith 10, Clockwork's body is an outer shell, with a time spirit, which acts like its soul, inside. It's predator, Trans-Chrono Panthera, has the ability to suck out this time spirit from its body.

Powers and Abilities

  • Time Ray (that sends things back in time)
  • Time Ray (that ages things)
  • Time Travel
  • Past Viewing


Chronosapiens appear to be fragile, and easily damaged. Their metallic bodies can be broken by sufficient force, and they can fall into a powered-down state in which the light in their torso goes off and they cease moving. Their armour can be penetrated by hot force like laser beams as seen in Inspector #13. They are also really slow

Notable Chronosapiens

Evolved Chronosapiens

Chronosapien Hybrids/Fusions

Carl 10: Ultimaverse

His Chronosapien is Clackwork. In Ultra Ben, Clockwork is one of the main aliens in his Matrix. However, there is a Chronosapien king who hates Paradox.

Ben Ten: Heroes of All Ages

In this crossover between Ben Ten and Ben 10: Hero of All Ages, the Chronosapiens, gone rogue, are slaves to Timelord and Eon, battling BT Ben, BTHOAA Ben and Paradox.


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