Chronocle is an upcoming series on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki in the Earth-74 universe and the sequel to the Genesis: Chronocle series. It currently has three confirmed seasons and it's release date is still unknown at the moment.

Prior to it's creation, the series was originally going to be part of Genesis: Chronocle as the second, third and fourth seasons, but after the finale of Genesis: Chronocle aired, the creator decided that the three mentioned seasons should instead be a separate series. This is due to the "maturity" and "contrast" that seasons 2, 3 and 4 would have in comparison to 1.

After the announcement, Genesis: Chronocle was left as a single series/miniseries with one season, which consists of seven episodes.

Currently, not much is known about the plot and direction of the series, other than it will be slightly darker and more mature in comparison to Genesis: Chronocle. The characters will also be a year older and the actual "chronocle" (time and space) concept of the franchise will make its way into the plot.

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