Chrono Walker

FEAR the recolor!

Chrono Walker/Thaddeus Killvor
Vital statistics
Home World Earth/New Chronius

Chrono Walker is an unknown figure from the End of Time who has unknown relations with certain characters. He's a time traveler sent by Paradox to watch over this Earth.




Chrono Walker despite his name, is a usually calm and well-mannered person, though whenever his plans fail, he can get quite angry.


Due to being half Quantum Peian, he can travel back to, and make modifications to, the current timestream. This ability is mostly based around his mind,


  • He's kind of a prick.
  • Chrono Walker's appearance will come to a surprise as Overclock's species were mostly locked away in a vault.
  • Despite stating his name, everyone kind of forgets him because of comedy.
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