Chrono human.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 16
Occupation(s) Time Traveler
Dimensional Traveler
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Time Travel
Predicting the Future
Equipment Time Watch
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Unnamed sister
Unnamed brother
Alternate Counterparts Jaden Purpnil
Alex Bloodson
First Appearance A Name of Destruction

Chrono is an alternative version of Jaden Purpnil and Alex Bloodson that appears in The De-Spacer. Chrono is the first variation of Alex to be a Time Traveler.


Chrono's appearance in many aspects is the same of his alternative counterparts, the only difference being his spiky red hair.

Chrono wears a black hat, orange mask that hides his face, brown gloves and black jacket with golder parts on the shoulders. He also wears an orange shirt under the jacket, dark blue pants and brown shoes. Chrono's right leg is covered by metalic parts, that are similiar to the ones under his jacket and the gauntlet on his right hand.


Chrono has a somehow cold personality toward other people, exceptions are his siblings and alternative counterparts. He takes actions only if its really needed and spends most of his time staying in his room working or repairing time-space crisis with his fellow counterparts.

Powers and Abilities

Chrono's main power is the Time Watch, which is an alternative version of the Omnimatrix. It allows his to transform into other forms of life and travel freely through time and space. The Time Watch also has a limited control over time which allows Chrono to either slow it down or reverse it.

Chrono also has the ability to see in the future and when he uses this power his eyes turn orange.


Because of his being an ordinal human Chrono isn't mush of a threat without his Time Watch.

Chrono can't use his natural powers to see his own future nor can he control them.



Chrono found the Time Watch at the age of 13 when it still had the appearance of a regular Omnimatrix and started using it to help people. At some point in time Chrono upgrated the Time Watch so he could travel through time and even manipulate it.


Chrono is set to make an appearance in A Name of Destruction.


  • Chrono first appears in a picture made by the author.
  • Chrono's appearance and powers are based from the Yu-Gi-Oh card "Timegazer Magician" who also appears on the author's signature.
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