Chromavicktor is half Frankenstrike and Chromastone. He was made
in the Fusamatrix.

Species: 1/2 Crystalsapien 1/2 Transylian


He has Chromastone's head, hands, and his feet are made of Chromastone's skin. His arms, legs, torso, and electric coils.

Powers and Abilities

He has super strength and agility. He can fly and generate electricity from the coils on his back. He can absorb and rechannel energy. He can use his electric powers to electromagnetically stick to metal surfaces. Due to his skin being a rock-like substance he is nearly indestructible. Even if he is destroyed he can regenerate.

Combo Move: Self Recharge: He shoots an electrical charge at himself, which he absorbs and he rechannel as laser beams or force fields.


He cannot absorb if he too weak or not expecting it. If his electricity is reflected back on him and he can't absorb it will hurt him because the coils on his back will attract it to him.

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