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Chromastone is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Crystalsapien from the planet Petropia.


Chromastone is a silicon-based alien made of extremely durable crystal. His body is overall purple, with several dark lines and spots. His hands and face are magenta, and he also sports six magenta shards on his back, with one on the top of his head that resembles a horn. His face consists of a mouth and one large green eye at the center.

He now has crystals on his shoulders and arms. He wears a black and green chest and shoulder armor, where the Omnitrix symbol is located, with a green and white suite below. He can also cover his mouth with a crystal face-plate.

Powers and Abilities

Chromastone has the ability to allow many types of energy, such as lasers, electricity, Mana, and radiation, to phase through his body without harm.

Chromastone can absorb and channel energy into ultraviolet beams powerful enough to destroy an entire turret or melt through a truck trailer. He can fire these beams from either his hands or from the nine shards on his body and can project these beams as either energy blasts or projectiles.

Chromastone can control the intensity of his energy attacks, and the amount of power his ultraviolet beams have depends on how powerful the energy from an opponent's attack is. For instance, when the Dragon attacked Chromastone with its powerful fire blast, the latter absorbed it and subdued the Dragon with a powerful wave of ultraviolet energy. Similarly, when Gwen gave Chromastone a large amount of mana for him to absorb, he was able to shoot powerful energy blasts at Dagon.

Chromastone is able to allow energy attacks to simply bounce off his body instead of absorbing them.

As well as being immune to electricity, Chromastone can also conduct it back at the attacker. Chromastone can project a beam of light from his hands for illumination purposes. He can also shoot his energy blasts without absorbing anything, but to a limited extent.

Chromastone has very dense, crystalline skin, which gives him enhanced durability, as demonstrated in a battle footage of him being thrown against a truck.

Chromastone possesses enhanced strength, allowing him to overpower stronger opponents, such as a Techadon-enhanced Cash, with his bare hands. Technically speaking, he is physically stronger than Methanosians.

Chromastone can free himself from force fields simply by touching them. He can also produce energy shields of his own for extra defense.

Chromastone is capable of jumping exceptionally high.

Chromastone can use his energy to melt an Arachnichimp's webs should he be ensnared by them.

Chromastone is capable of flight, and can leave behind an ultraviolet energy trail while flying.

Due to being made of crystal, Chromastone is also immune to a Xenocite merging with him.

Chromastone can survive in the vacuum of space.


Although Chromastone is highly durable, he is not completely indestructible as he can be shattered by extreme force, such as when he was destroyed by Vilgax using his sword.

Chromastone is unable to absorb energy when he is either not expecting it or too weak to do so. He is also unable to absorb electricity while it is being conducted by water.

Chromastone has a limit to how much energy he can absorb at once, as he once tried to absorb all the mana energy of Charmcaster's machine but was overwhelmed to the point of almost crumbling apart.

Magic can harm Chromastone, as shown when he was incapacitated by two of Gwen's spells.

Chromastone's ultraviolet beams are ineffective against Vilgax's sword and the extra-dimensional field of the Contumelia's machine.

Despite his enhanced strength, Chromastone is physically weaker than Vaxasaurians.




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