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Chromasaur is a Biomntrix fusion of Humungousaur and Chromastone, this alien's species is half Vaxasaurian and half Crystalsapian, he is used by Ben 10,000, in the series Ben 10 Omniverse: The Unseen Adventures. He was designed by Pdfletcher94.

Please do not use or alter this alien, its description, powers, abilities or its image in any way, without my permission.


Chromasaur has the body shape, form, size and type of Humungosaur, with Chromastone styled crystal horns on his head, neck, shoulders, chest collar, elbows, hands and along his tail. The nails on his hands and feet are also of a crystal / diamond - like substance spikes.

Chromasaur's face has the appearence of Chromastone's, he has one large, green eye, and the lower part of his face is a crystal like mask with a black split for a mask.

His body colour is darker than Chromastone's, a dark Blueish colour, the crystals are pink, his stomach and ribs plates are the usual white-ish colouring of Humungosaur's.

Chromasaur Omnitrix symbol is on his band, which retains its usual ( Omniverse humungosaur styled ) green colouring.

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength ~ Chromasaur has Super Strength, able to lift object far heavier and larger than himself.

Energy Absorption ~ Chromasaur can asorb energy, including laser beams and electricity, however he can only absorb through his crystals or crystalline skin, not through his stomach or rib plates. Energy Blasts ~ Chromasaur can direct absorbed energy into beams, bolts or blasts through the crystals on his body.

Toughness and Damage Resistance ~ given that his DNA comes from Humungosaur and Chromastone; two of Ben's toughest, damage resisting aliens; Chromasaur has extreme damage resistance.

Weakness and Limitations

Flight - Chromasaur cannot fly, unlike Chromastone. He can leap high, but not quite as high as Humungosaur.

Reduced Absorption - Chromasaur can absorb energy through a conscious act of will, however he cannot absorb energy through his ribs or stomach plates.

Slow - Chromasaur is not very fast due to his weight, this also means he is not very good at swimming or acrobatics.

Episode Appearances

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