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Chromagic is the Collectron's DNA sample of an Acciotoid from the planet Psyciplis.


Chromagic is a humanoid figure with pink skin. There are lavender bubbles floating inside him, which act as his bodily organs. He has four purple straps running from his back to his chest. He has a pink tail with energy floating inside it. He also has pink hands with four claw-like fingers. He has a bulbous head and teal eyes.

All above that, he wears a purple hoodie with a very large hood, ending at a tie. He has long sleeves and a zip.

Chromagic wears the Collectron emblem on the zipper placement of the hoodie. Without the hoodie, he wears it on his chest, connecting his straps.


Chromagic's voice is dual and medium toned.


Whenever Chromagic uses his magical abilities, he yells "Zing!".

Powers and Abilities

Chromagic can channel energy into ultraviolet beams powerful enough to melt various resilient materials and destroy an entire turret. He can fire these beams from his palms or as projectiles.

Chromagic can also release his ultraviolet energy beams into projectiles that can be used to target multiple opponents.

Chromagic can use nigh-magical powers or can shapeshift energy to create any substance to use as weapons, usually fireballs. A chant is used for each attack style or weapon, and each chant is inputted into his brain. He can even alter the molecular compositions of objects and control the weather.

Chromagic can release some of his energy in a powerful energy-based explosion, which will not cost much energy but will do a lot of damage.

Chromagic can teleport himself to any location on a planetary scale. However, his teleportation is limited to the planet he is currently based on. He can also bring anyone with him while teleporting.

Chromagic can absorb and take energy into his core-like body, which he can then use to increase the power of his energy blasts.

Chromagic can levitate off the ground. However, he mostly chooses to avoid utilizing this ability.

Chromagic can jump about three stories high.

Touching Chromagic's body has the same sensation of an electrical fence and as such will shock opponents who attempt to attack him.

The purple bubbles located inside Chromagic's body glow in the dark.

Removing his hoodie grants Chromagic an instant upgrade to his abilities, and increased reflexes and speed, and without his hoodie, he can dodge attacks at a faster pace.


Chromagic has limits to his nigh-magic powers. For example, he is unable to grant others abilities, make opponents disappear, or summon magical beings.

Chromagic is also unable to kill people or evoke the dead.

If Chromagic absorbs too much energy, he will burst in an explosive blast, reverting his form and releasing all his energy, including the natural-occurring energy in his body.


Chromagic comes from chromatic, referencing his ultraviolet rays and magic, referencing his magic-like abilities.


  • Chromagic was originally planned to have energy bubbles shaped like a skeleton inside him.
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