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Christopher Stonecipher, also known as Chris, is the main character in Christopher 10. He is a male Human at age 17. He has spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. His main outfit is a red T-shirt and blue jeans. He wears the Omnitrix on his left arm. Whenever he transforms, he shouts out "Henshin!" and when the Ultimate Adapter is attached, he says "Kyūkyoku Henshin!" His personal vehicle is the Machine-Omni, a motorcycle that can be summoned by pressing a button on the Omnitrix.


Christopher Stonecipher was born on January 7, 2002. Growing up, he really didn't have a father.

During the first episode of the Christopher 10, titled Enter the Omnitrix, he left the 11th grade of High School, and went to the mall with Serena Amaya, and on the way back, they encountered a shooting star. However, he realized it wasn't a shooting star, and they approached it. When Chris got to it, it was a container, and it opened up to show a watch-like device. The device attached itself to him, and Chris couldn't find a way to get it off. The next day, Chris went into town and met up with Serena. After they talked for a bit, an alien showed up near them, and it attacked innocent civilians. After a bit of fighting, Chris activated the watch and turned into Electrobeast. After activating the Finish Break function of the watch, he defeated the alien.


Mark Tobias: After he and Serena find Mark, he decided to join them on their travels. Mark quickly became friends with Chris.

Serena: At first Chris finds Serena as a friend, but quickly develops feelings for her. The same can be said for Serena.

Dan Smith: When Dan first showed up, attacking Chris in his Stonehead transformation, he questioned what he was doing. At the time, he knew nothing about the Plumbers.

Vilgax: When Chris first encountered Vilgax, Vilgax tried to take the Omnitrix from him, which not only caused Vilgax's DNA to be scanned and to be put into a different Playlist of the Omnitrix. Vilgax kidnapped Chris just to try and get the Omnitrix, however the attempt failed, and Vilgax was left beaten. In the first movie, Vilgax returned, only to be beaten again. Vilgax was important in key battles, but they still don't like each other.

Aaron Nakayama: both of them hate each other, and with Aaron being the wielder of the AnotherTrix, an evil, corrupted version of the Omnitrix, made them hate each other even more.


Appears in all episodes of Christopher 10.

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