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Christmas Pine
Christmas Pine 2018.png
General Information


Home Planet:



Humanoid Christmas Tree

Other Info

Pine Needle Projectiles
Enhanced Durability
360 Vision
Ornament Hands


No Fingers

First Appearance:

MvT Chapter 13: Enter The Void: Part 3 (Multiverse vs. Tennyson)

Christmas Pine is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hisif from the planet Arbiete. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Christmas Pine appears like a humanoid Christmas pine tree. His body is primarily brown bark. He has branch-like arms and root-like legs. At the end of each arm is a green ornament, while his legs end with X-shaped wooden bases. His arms and head have dark green pine needles. He appears to have Christmas lights wrapped around him.

Christmas Pine wears the Omnitrix as an ornament on his leftward chest.


  • Christmas Pine can shoot the pine needles on his body as sharp projectiles.
    • In Multiverse vs. Tennyson, these projectiles are strong enough to cause discomfort to a Vaxasaurian.
  • The lights on Christmas Pine are actually his eyes. They are constantly glowing, and they give him a full view of everything around him.
  • Christmas Pine is rather durable.
  • Christmas Pine's ornaments on his hands can be used as melee weapons.


  • Christmas Pine is weak to fire.
  • Christmas Pine's eyes make it difficult for him to be stealthy.
  • Christmas Pine has no fingers.


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Multiverse vs. Tennyson


Multiverse vs. Tennyson


  • Christmas Pine's name is a play on "Christmas," "Chris Pine," and "pine."
  • Christmas Pine's species name is a play on "hi sif," an inside joke regarding Charlie Brown.
  • Christmas Pine's planet name is a play on the Latin words "arbor," meaning tree, and "abiete," meaning pine.


  • Christmas Pine's design was meant to take inspiration from Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, hence the "hi sif" joke.
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