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Ahmad 15
Season 1, Episode 1
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Air date 21/3/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Christmas Gifts is the first episode in the Ahmad 15 Series.


Santa Clause Jumped on a roof of a building.

An Elf: I've Brought a Special Pack!

Santa: how many do you have?

The Elf: It contains 5 powerful gifts!

Cut to Inside of A house near a Chimney.

A Boy: Thanks Oussama for staying here tonight with Imad.

Imad: Any time Ahmad!

Oussama: Let's Sleep

They slept. Suddenly, 5 Gifts fell.


In the Morning, Everybody woke up especially Imad!

Oussama And Ahmad woke up first.

250px-Omnitrix large

In the Box

Ahmad: I'll go first!

Ahmad Opened his gift. A sudden lighting appeared from it. A Black ball was in it. The Ball Opened and a watch like Device Appeared. Ahmad put his hand on it to see it jump to his wrist! Everbody Screamed especially Imad who cried.

Ahmad: Strange! It just.... JUMPED!!

Oussama: I didn't see that coming!

A Lady: Try out!

Ahmad: Thanks Mom!

Oussama: I'm next!

Oussama want to open his gift when suddenly, Ahmad showed big light and Ahmad was on fire! Ahmad Screamed!

Ahmad (shouting): AHHHH! I'm on fire!

Imad: You're Heatblast!

Ahmad and Oussama: Who's Heatblast?

Heatblast 2

Imad: Remember that show that You always hate to watch? It's HeatBlast from BEN 10!

Oussama: I've should've watched that.

Imad: See all you need is too...

Meanwhile, Oussama wasn't paying Attention. Instead he was opening his Gift.

Oussama unwrapped his gift to see a Guitar.

Imad: Hey Pay... What?

Ahmad: That's the Ultimate Guitar with the Secret Music SpellsBook!!

Oussama: Cool!

Imad: I'll open mine!

Imad opened his gift to see a Ruber Duck!

Imad: Nah!

Imad threw it back.

Mom: I'll have mine.

She opened hers to see a molinax.

Ahmad's Father opened his gift to see a Laptop!

Ahmad clicked The Symbol on his chest. Ahmad Went back to human form. He saw the face red instead of Green.

Ahmad: It's not working any more! Oh, It was one time to transform to that fire guy!

Imad: No!

Everbody put his hand on Ahmad's Ultimatrix to mess

Alien X Hologram

Alien X Hologram 2

with it.

Tech Voice: Celestialsapien DNA unlocked available at Playlist 2.

Ahmad: Hey!

Ahmad Pressed It and transformed to Alien X. He was still. Oussama looked at him.

Oussama: Come on! Do something!

Alien X fell on the floor.

Oussama: Wow! Impressive! Fell on the floor.

Imad: He's Just Cannot let'em agree on a common thing yet!

Meanwhile, Ahmad soon realizes that in order for Alien X to do anything, he must convince one of the two personalities to agree with him, Bellicus, the voice of rage and aggression and Serena, the voice of love and compassion.

Ahmad: Who loves flowers!

Bellicus: Disgusting!

Ahmad: Uh ok.... who thinks we are in danger!

Serena: Uh! Danger means war! Bellicus!

Bellicus: Do you agree to kill him?

Ahmad: Oh! Uh!

Serena: YES!

Meanwhile, Oussama was shaking Ahmad in a worried energitic way!

Oussama (shouting): Ahmad! Wake Up!

Imad: Wait a Bit!

Oussama: Turn him back!

Imad pressed the symbol and transformed him back just in time before Serena ended the "Yes"!

Ahmad: Thanks! I was to be killed!

Cut to Vilgax's Spaceship.

Vilgax: If I was to get the Ultimatrix Back, I should destroy one first.... Santa!



  • Ahmad
  • Oussama
  • Imad
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Bellicus
  • Serena


Aliens Used[]


  • It is revealed that neither Oussama nor Ahmad were watching Ben 10!
  • Alien X was unlocked by Multiple Hands. Though, nobody knew the code!
  • Watchers/readers can simply find out the Ultimatrix was one of the five super gifts.
  • It is still unknown how did Santa's Elf get the Ultimatrix and What happened to Ben.
  • It is still unknown the relationships between Ahmad, Oussama and Imad. But it is known that Oussama is not Ahmad's Brother.
  • You can defentely realize that Imad is only 7.