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1995- Christopher Shane is born.


2007- Robin Shane dies, Ben creates the Omegatrix.

Late 2007- Chris obtains the Omegatrix, the events of Cassie 12-Chris 12: Heroes of Fate occur.

2008- Chris stops the Scraposapien invasion just in time.

Mid 2008- Nathaniel takes over Vilgaxia.

2009- Vilgaxia is destroyed.

Late 2009- Inspector #5 attempts to destroy Washington DC, and fails.


2010- The Omegatrix 2.0 recalibrates.

Late 2010- Aggregor invades Earth, but is taken down by Chris and Ken.

2011- A car wreck leaves William Shane in the hospital for 6 months.

Late 2011/Early 2012- Chris enters High School.

2013- Chris decides to quit being a hero in order to protect those around him.

2014- The events of Chris 12: Alien Force occur.

Mid 2014- Chris meets Elizabeth. The Scraposapiens return during their first date.

Late 2014- The Flamonauts invade.

Early 2015- The Flamonauts are defeated.

Late 2014- The events of Chris 12: Ultimate Alien occur.

Mid 2015- The Government gives up on arresting Chris.

Early 2016- The events of Chris 12: Omniverse occur.

Late 2016- Chris removes the Omegatrix 2.0

Late 2018- Chris proposes to Elizabeth. Early 2019- Chris and Elizabeth get married.


Late 2020- Chris and Liz have a son and a daughter, Brian and Robin II.