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This is the second Alien from the Onineckitrix.




"This wierd named Dog/Stinkfly/upgrade levitating creature was made through a experiment in which a pet dog got in the slab dab middle. This all went into one nearest object in the entire room: The Hoverboard." -Speedygal.


It can made a soundwave when contacting the ground due to some unknown reason, which makes even large enemes trip on both feet as if their wieght could not be supported.

"He made himself spin around so much he made a electric tornado big enough to revert it into a yellow shield. "Shield hit!" He yelled as his head is moved to the left. He slowly looked straight as power surged through his fur." A short hand explination for Shield hit .

As shown in The Nerd comes! this creature can create a sandwave or a sandtomb whatever you can call it in your words.


The Nerd comes! (debut, used two moves)