The Chivampares are Resuragon's species in Ben 10 alternate Omniverse. They live on the planet Japa Transyl.


Chivampares are similar to Chinese Dragons except hey only have four limbs and stand on their hind legs. Children and teenagers have green scales. Males grow Red feathers as they mature. Females Grow blue feathers as they mature. as they grow older both genders feathers fade to a yellow.


Chivampares can breathe fire and teleport. They can also levitate objects made of wood. Chivampares have the ability to revive themselves twice.


Chivampares can be hypnotized by their natural predators, Khama Whoolens.

Chivampares can not revive in water. They also have a spot on their forehead that can paralyze them, for some reason this does not work with Resuragon.

Known Chivampares

  • Resuargon (Omnitrix DNA sample)
  • Kim
  • Jim
  • Unnamed Emperor


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