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The Chitrix is a watch-like device that allows its user to transform into many Aliens.

General Information


The Chitrix's appearance resembles the Reboot Omnitrix in Season 2, with some colors changed. The white cords are colored in yellow, the button used to activate the core, the dial and core are blue-violet.


  • The Chitrix's main function is to transform its user into various alien species who have their DNA inside the device. Each transformation comes with their own abilities and weaknesses and normally the first Aliens to appear are in a group of 10.
  • The Chitrix has a DNA Scanner, a yellow laser that comes out of the device and can scan DNA of aliens that aren't in it.
  • The Chitrix has a timer in which after some time transformed, the core flashes red several times and the user changes back to normal, having to wait some minutes to be able to transform again.
  • By pressing the Chitrix symbol while transformed, the user can quick change into any alien.
  • To activate the Chitrix, the user must press a small button in the front.
  • The transformations have yellow lines around their bodies that aren't natural to their species, the lines are made by the device.
  • It has a Lifeform Lock, which makes the user stay in an alien form for an extend limit of time.


  • The common mode is the Active Mode, in which the user can transform into an alien for an unknown amount of time. This mode is activated when the core is glowing blue-violet.
  • Another mode is the Recharge Mode, in which the core glows and flashes red, turning the user back to normal and needing to recharge for an unknown amount of time.
  • Another mode is the Unlock Mode, in which the core glows yellow and sends a yellow laser that can scan an Alien whose DNA isn't in the device.
  • An unique mode is called Omni-Elements, basically the Aliens gain an armor that amplifies both their powers and gain them abilities based on one of the elements.


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  • The Trix colors are inspired by Kamen Rider Kaixa colors, with the yellow lines on the transformation's bodies are a reference to Kaixa Photon Blood.