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General Information
Star System Hephaestus
Entity Type Planet
Environment Frozen Surface
Habitability Uninhabitable
Sapient Species Vesuviusapiens

Chione is a planet that is home to the Vesuviusapiens. It is a free use planet.


Chione is a heavily industrialised ice planet. There is no surface water any where on the planet, and naturally exposed ground is incredibly rare. For the most part the surface is covered in permafrost.

Standing in the centre of the Vesuviusapien capital city is the artificial volcano Sohcahtoa Mons. Vesuviusapien cities sparsely dot the planet, each one made of tall, dark metal buildings.

It is located ~7 light years away from Non Precipi and ~3 light years away from the T'zeen Nebula.


Chione was discovered many many millenia ago. While the Vesuviusapien people are more than happy to trade with outside races, they are extremely defensive about outsiders coming near their system.

Unknown to outside races, they have taken up the role of defenders of the T'zeen Nebula and have been guarding a pathway through to the centre of the Nebula.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species


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