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Name Chimpex
Species Monachan
Home World Monachus
Hair Brown
Eyes Green (Omnitrix alien)
First usage Ben-"Legacy" Alex-"Monkey Business"
Champion form Apex
Unusual Features 4 arms, large hands, Cone like feet

Chimpex is one of Alex's (Lex's) favorite transformations. He has been used for a variety of sorts, from destroying machines, to climbing up buildings, to figuring out puzzles to fighting Chimera Sui Genesis soldiers. His energeticness comes from his age and species and is very hard for Lex to control. He is extremely affraid of water submission and tight spaces.


  • Sticking to walls
  • retractable 2nd set of arms
  • stretching super strong tail
  • enhanced physique
  • enhanced senses
  • 3rd smartest species in universe beyond Galvan and an unknown species
  • electrical absorption
  • Sonic scream