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Chimera is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Mixster from the planet Metrofloris. Chimera was created by Igrão Dias. Battle Ben's Chimera design was inspired by artwork by Tom Perkins made for Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes.


Chimera has a light green rhino-like face with red eyes, green dots and grey fur, alongside two horns. His right arm is covered in a dark green fur, while his left arm is 'naked', except for three spikes on the lower arm. Chimera has one spike on each shoulder, has two elephant-like feet and wears a black-and-green jumpsuit, with the Omnitrix symbol in between two white stripes.

Powers and Abilities

Chimera has sharp claws, enhanced strength and also has the ability to transmute parts of his body, being able to create wings and tails, horns etc.


Chimera is not able to maintain his body in such an altered stat for a long time.




Concept by Tom Perkins:


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