Chili is the Necrofriggian custodian seen cleaning up the area of the 2012 Earth Magikfest. He has a younger Necrofriggian brother named Cyanne.

He first appears in Magikfest.


  • In Magikfest, he is shot with a Ulam K83 by Scarogus (in a disguise), and has his sole remaining Cyogen crystal stolen.
  • In No Strings Attached, the investigation of Chili's death is completed, involving Magister Karin Frikton as well as Ben. He is also rushed to Infirmary 528 in the Mother System. It's later hinted at by Scarogus that he will not survive the loss of his last Cyogen crystal due to Scarogus taking one of the cyogen crystals and locking up Chili's only transplanter—Chili's younger brother, Cyanne.


  • His original name was spelled "Chilli."
  • He noted having three older Pyronite brothers, meaning one of his parents is Pyronite, and the other Necrofriggian. He also has one younger Necrofriggian brother, as is revealed in No Strings Attached.
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