Chihiro Sakurai
General Information
Species 3/4 Human
1/4 Shinobian
Age 17
Affiliations Sakurai Family
Occupation(s) Student
Powers and abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Energy Manipulation
Relatives Akio Sakurai (father)
Hisako Sakurai (mother)
Aika Sakurai (younger sister)
Kohaku Sakurai (younger brother)
Hitomi Sakurai (younger sister)
Yoshito Sakurai (younger brother)
Hotaru Sakurai (younger sister)
Shiki Sakurai (cousin)
Shiori Sakurai (cousin)
Rika Sakurai (cousin)
Masumi Sakurai (cousin)
Osamu Sakurai (grandfather)
Junko Sakurai (grandmother)
Kana Sakurai (aunt)
Nao Sakurai (uncle)
Kiyoshi Sakurai (uncle)
Mizuki Sakurai (aunt; deceased)
Hiroshi Sakurai (uncle)
Chiharu Sakurai (aunt)
Voice Actor Unknown
First Appearance Unknown


Chihiro has long, black hair that is tied in a high ponytail.

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