General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nucleokenesis
Heat Generation
Enhanced Physicality
Space Survivability
Chemical Generation
Atomic Blasts
Nuclear Blasts
Nuclear Explosions

Nucleokinetic-Enhanced Combat
Nuclear Punch
Nuclear Kick
Fissile Whistle
Nuclear Winner
Fusion Cuisine
Nuclear Shield

Equipment Containment suit

Chernobyl is the Sovietrix's DNA sample of a unknown species from an unknown planet in Universe 19-22.


Chernobyl is a humanoid nuclear energy-based life form inside a containment suit which boosts his abilities. His body is made up of bones that are covered with nuclear energy. The containment suit has a mask with two grey nodes, a yellow suit that covers his torso, neck, and most of his head, with two holes on his neck and one big hole on his torso. His shoulders and upper arms are covered with armor which forms two holes on his pecs with red fins projecting on each side above his collarbone and has one reactor on each shoulder. His biceps are made up of mechanical elements that exchange energy between his shoulders and lower arms which are connected on the back of his upper arms. There are two smaller reactors on his forearm and a green metal ring with rivets. The thighs and parts of his pelvis are covered with his containment suit with two red stripes on his thighs which are connected by tubes to his knees. The lower leg is contained in his containment suit with two holes on each side. His feet and knees are entirely mechanical.

The Sovietrix symbol is located on his waist.

Powers and Abilities

  • Nucleokinesis - Chernonyl can generate and manipulate nuclear energy using his hands, which can do an extensive quantity of destruction to its surroundings. 
    • Heat Generation - Chernobyl is able to melt nearby objects using the heat from his nuclear energy. 
  • Enhanced Physicality - Due to his advanced and heavily built containment suit Chernobyl's strength, speed, and durability are vastly superior to many other Sovietrix transformations transformations. 
  • Flight - Chernobyl is capable of flight, even being able to travel in the vacuum of space. 
  • Transmutation - Chernobyl can manipulate and alter the matter of an opponent using his nuclear energy.
  • Space Survivability - Chernobyl can survive in the vacuum of space.


  • Containment Suit- Chernobyl wears an advanced containment suit that strengthens his powers.


  • Overexertion- If Chernobyl uses too much of his energy, he can grow weary.
  • Overconfidence- Chernobyl is boundlessly overconfident and can induce an utter meltdown.




  • Chernobyl has been used many times by Stalin in his universe.


  • Chernobyl is the Stalinized version of Atomix, recolored from the 5 Years Later version drawn by Kuro the Artist.
  • Chernobyl is a reference to a a nuclear plant explosion that happened in the Soviet Union in the 90s.
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