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Chemtrail is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Diumxyde from the planet Vitriol.


Chemtrail can alter his body form at will to become any form from the three states of matter, solid, liquid and gas, but he usually stays like as seen on the picture: he has a greyish-blue non-newtonian head, with spiked teeth and green eyes with black irises, with sodium hydroxide pieces on his neck, while his right arm is composed of a green gas, his left is made of a light blue solid salt, also with sodium hydroxide pieces displayed on it, as well as spikes on his shoulder, while his legs are composed of an orange liquid. He wears a black, green, white and silver lab coat, and the Omnitrix symbol is located on his lower chest.

Powers and Abilities

Chemtrail can become a gas, a solid or a liquid at will, as well as mix them to create his body. He can also shoot clouds of toxic smoke or stream of highly acidic and basic fluids from his mouth. Because his body is not fully solid he can slip through tight spaces and even pull his body back together if it is dispersed. Because of he pH of his body, he is also untouchable unless the other person is wearing protective material.


Water can neutralize his body, rendering his attacks useless. He could also suffer from chemical reactions if his body is mixed with specific chemicals.




  • His species' name is based on the alkali sodium hydroxide, which has a very high pH number, almost 13.5, while his planet's name comes from Vitriol, which has a pH near 1.0.
  • He was inspired by the 5YL aliens Cinder Snake and Statter.
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